Top Innovations from JKUAT Tech Expo 2016

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Finally, JKUAT’s biggest annual tech event is here; The JKUAT Tech Expo; a function where students showcase their inventions and innovations to the world, sell their ideas to consumers and seek investors for their products and services.

The event seems to be growing bigger and better since more students came to present projects and several big companies were not left out. This year, the event set off on an amazing start at the pavilion where more than thirty projects were pitched in tents in preparation for the potential stakeholders walking around.

Students strolled into the graduation square and overwhelmed the presenters with questions as they tried to comprehend the brilliance behind their brains.

Others just looked on and wowed because apparently, some things are so technical for normal people to understand and so when they got a chance, they would ask; “How can your idea make money?”

These are some of the ideas from the tech expo and twitter handles where you can tweet to show your support

1. Piezoelectric Street Lighting

Ever heard of piezoelectricity? When a certain material generates an electric charge in response to an applied mechanical stress, it’s called the piezoelectric effect.

This project proposes the installation of piezoelectric substances beneath the street pavement where mechanical energy from people walking on top will be utilized and transformed into electric energy that can be stored in rechargeable batteries and used at night to light street lamps.

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2. Safi Autonomous Cleaner.

An automated vacuum cleaner; talk about taking house chores to the next level. Probably one of the most brilliant innovations of 2016, this invention by a JKUAT student was even featured in a local newspaper.

This vacuum cleaner is programmed to automatically clean a floor reaching every corner of a room without struggle and leaving the house sparkling clean as new. You might as well sit on your couch watching while this baby tidies up the place.

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Safi Autonomous Robot


How often do you check your student email? This android app is the solution. Its main purpose is to bridge the gap between students and institution administrations.

Currently, a lecturer has to send notes and assignments to the class representative who then sends to class members and sometimes he/she might forget. Soon class emails that have been inconvenient due to unprecedented changing of passwords, are going to be obsolete.

Through this app, lecturers can create channels where they can talk to their students at personal levels and even answer questions directly. Information about upcoming events is also made available for students who can quickly get plans for their leisure.

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4. Pawatele.

A solution for smooth transition from solar to the national grid and vice versa. Mind you, this idea is already being implemented and since its inception, it has received a wonderful response from the public with some consumers buying in.

In a world run by energy, it is only logic for people to seek cheap and efficient energy. So where have we looked towards lately? The sun. Solar is where the world is heading to and therefore, a smooth transition to solar while still cooperating with the monopoly imposed by KPLC is of great need.

Take a look at their website and learn how it works, I can only say much.
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5. Locspeed

Roads, especially in urban centers, have changing speed limits from location to location which help in reducing accidents and maintain auto-human order. So drivers are always supposed to keep watching for these speed road signs and alter their speeds appropriately. But ignorance comes in the way sometimes.

Locspeed is an advanced speed governor that contains data about the positions of all speed limit stop signs in a locality and it uses this data to automatically limit the speed of a vehicle to the one stipulated when the vehicle is on the road. This saves the driver the ‘energy’ to check out for these stop signs.

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6. Smart Park

Have you ever gone around Nairobi for one hour or so searching for parking without any hope? If you have, I know how you feel. Parking space is a menace in cities and towns, both the lack of it and the ridiculous trouble you have to go through just to rest your car.

Smart Park is a solution that provides motorists with information about parking space in areas of destination. Sensors are installed on parking grounds to detect the presence or absence of vehicles.

These sensors feed data to the system which is made available for motorists to know places close to their destinations that they can park their vehicles.

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Smart Parking

7. Smart Power System

The current grid system is filled with numerous flaws and one major issue is the lack of automatic system monitoring between consumers and the grid stations.

This gap does not allow the company to monitor consumer equipment such as the meter box and hence the tampering and unattended vandalism. On the other hand, consumers cannot access direct services from the company such as tokens loading.

This invention allows for the transmission of data through the same power grids between the consumers and the grid stations which is made possible by installing special modules in each consumers’ house and in the stations.

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8. Next Generation Doctor

This is a wearable device that monitors a person’s temperature, pressure, heartbeat and generates a graphic representation of data acquired which is sent to a doctor through Wi-Fi.

The device can be made available in hospitals where patients’ health can be monitored as they wait in line to be attended to. Before a patient experiences an emergency, a notification is sent to the doctor and the patient is attended to quickly hence serious occurrences like coma and death are prevented.

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9. E-bursary System

The major problems facing college students are financial constraints. Even more depressing is the process students have to go through to acquire financial assistance bursaries especially. You are required to get signatures from your area-chief then the dean of students among others and to through several other steps.

Since we are moving towards an automatic world there is a need for an automated bursary acquisition system. This project catered for that. It allows legible parties to send applications to all parties concerned and then enable choosing of the students who need aid most. All this is done online.

Tweet: #DigitizeBursary #jkuattechexpo7; twitter: @EldolabKE

10. Electoral Optimal Solution and Kura Elimu

EOS was invented by Pascal chair of the SESClub and a vibrant tech-savvy. It’s a voting system that assures secure and free from interference voting for any group of people.

Database hosting is done locally in a secure server system so before voting begins, the system is reset in the presence of electoral commissioners to ensure transparency. Then voting is done on a screen touch interface where voters have the freedom to choose leaders they want and forfeit sections they don’t like.

The system was used in this year’s, SESClub election and proved to be very fast efficient and accurate. Kura Elimu, on the other hand, is an online mass voter education system that offers information pertaining to a citizen’s right to vote.

Data about leaders in the country and the duties allocated to each civil service office is available for study, just to mention but a few.

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11. Bio thermal Energy

Decomposition of manure is coupled with the generation of heat. This system utilizes this energy to heat a low boiling point liquid which changes into vapor that is used to turn turbines and generate electricity.

The best part about it is the simplicity and the availability of materials for its application. A cheap and clean means of energy generation that can turn the lives of people especially in remote areas around.

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12. NeptuneGeo Water System

A web application that enables monitoring of water pipe systems in a location. Data is fetched from the country’s water system directory and displayed in an online interface.

A consumer is able to get information about his/her connection to the water grid and hence can monitor it. If any issues arise, the user can contact the service providers directly through the platform and get immediate attention.

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13. Campus101kenya

A web platform whose main feature is a forum where students can ask questions and connect with other comrades and brainstorm together. It targets campus students the character that sets it apart from other social forums is its added ability for students to get appropriate feedback about issues that affect them and get answers from a wide network of students that share an interest in the niche.

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14. Andela

An institution that has dedicated resources and programs for young people who dream of becoming software developers. This company has a base where it has equipped students with computers, the internet and study materials.

After completing the required courses, the developers are connected with actual clients in the country and beyond to undertake projects in software development.

It’s like IHub in a way but here is the catch: you don’t pay anything. You only apply and when recruited, you are required to dedicate your time to the programs. For more information, you can visit their website at

15. Zunguka JKUAT.

If you are not familiar with the JKUAT environment, or you don’t know the Wi-Fi hotspots in JKUAT or the rooms available for lectures, then this platform could be of great help. Its main feature is the mapping capabilities it has where you can get the direction of a building from anywhere. You can also click on buildings to access a profile about the building among other capabilities.

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16. Green Pavers.

Ballast is an expensive material for construction of concrete block for pavements. So green pavers has a solution that is cheap yet more effective. Instead of the usual amount of ballast needed, only half is used in combination of broken glass and plastic to come up with concrete blocks. A simple yet very effective idea and this is why.

The Green Pavers blocks are lighter by 20 percent compared with the normal blocks and they can withstand a pressure of 30 megapascals compared to 25 megapascals for the normal blocks. An addition, the environment benefits

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Green on the Ground Inventors explaining their idea
Green on the Ground

17. Ecowilt.

Tomato farming is a daunting job especially because it is unsure whether the plants will survive harsh environmental and geological factors. When soil is being prepared for greenhouse tomato planting, it is first heated to sterilize, then planting begins.

Nevertheless, some of the bacteria survive through the heating and when tomatoes are planted on such soils, they die.

Ecowilt is a herbal product that is used to underpin the sterilization process. After heating, Ecowilt is added into the soil using water and its main purpose is to sterilize the remaining bacteria or making them completely inactive so that the plants strive.

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18. Construction Material Elevation System

This is an automated lifting system/crane. During construction of tall buildings, use of cranes for lifting material high above the ground is inevitable.

Although these systems make construction easier, they don’t explore the possibilities of automation. CMES makes lifting processes automatic saving workers time, ensuring their safety and saving money too.

The cost of using this system is far much cheaper compared using normal cranes. It includes a conveyor belt that loads material into baskets which are lifted up through sensors that identify the floor on which the material is needed so it can be unloaded automatically.

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19. Integrated Plastics Roads

The construction of roads is a very expensive process in our country currently and hence there is a great need for better yet cheaper solutions. Ever thought of plastic road?

First, Integrated Plastic Roads utilizes plastic waste generated every day by the public and therefore relieves the environment off these non-biodegradable substances.

The plastic is mixed with aggregate and bitumen to create a hard impermeable and long-lasting layer that works just as good as the normal road. Secondly, it reduces the cost of construction by Ksh 1 million per kilometer.

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The idea behind this project is based on a robotic car with independently controlled wheels which enable it to have access to rugged terrains. The wheels which total up to six as controlled by independent modules and are programmed and made to allow for lateral movements.

Such a robotic device can be deployed to offer security, in mining processes and for mission operation solutions. The company assembles and programs the robots locally, a big step for Kenya in the tech world.

Tweet: #Bogie #jkuattechexpo7. twitter handle: @acnodeKE Website:

21. Plastic Infused Soil Project.

During the construction of dams, a thick layer of clay soil is usually laid on the bed of the dam before water is let into the reservoir. The reason behind, to prevent seepage of water into the ground below which might weaken the dam’s foundation besides altering the ground ecosystem.

This mass of clay is usually pretty thick and hence very expensive to transport and install. Plastic infused soil which is made through heating of sand soil together with plastic can be used to act as lining for these dam-floors.

First, the particles are bonded very strongly and hence it creates an impermeable layer. Second, only 15 cm of the substance is required compare to the more than 10 m of clay required, therefore increasing the dam capacity. Besides, it can be applied in the construction of structures like pavements.

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22. Capillary Wick Systems

An urban gardening initiative that has been running in Nairobi for the last three years inspired by cities around the world such as Amsterdam and Boston which have been implementing green city initiatives where they maximize on the small spaces available around buildings to create tower gardens.

The structure of this garden can best be described through seeing one. A unique feature that makes this project stand out is the use of wicks which through capillarity absorb water from troughs and make it available for the plants to absorb.

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23. JKUAT Race Car

Time has come for us to invent our own Formula Ones. That might have been in the minds of some bright JKUAT minds who went ahead to actualize their dreams by making a wonderful racecar.

The car is enhanced with quality shock absorbers which allow it to stride through rugged terrains as if it’s on a superhighway. Using locally available materials made it cheap and hence would be one of the best ways for Kenya to start manufacturing automotive.

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JKUAT Race Car

The long list above is a clear indication that JKUAT is the home of innovation in the country, I might have left some wonderful projects but you now get the picture.

Endeavor to attend the function next time so that you can interact with the future innovators in the country. Tweet Tweet Tweet to show your support. These bright minds are doing wonders and they need your support.

Which innovation did you love the most?


  1. I missed the expo and this hurts me more after reading the good articles like these ones. Kenyans should employ themselves and this is the way to go. Innovation and actualization.

    • Yeah thanks for your sentiments, i believe we all have passions or things that we thrive at, we should focus our energy on these things and see how we can benefit the society through them and still earn a living

  2. I missed the expo and this hurts me more after reading the good articles like these ones. Kenyans should employ themselves and this is the way to go. Innovation and actualization.

    • Yeah thanks for your sentiments, i believe we all have passions or things that we thrive at, we should focus our energy on these things and see how we can benefit the society through them and still earn a living


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