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The Teachers Service Commission which was established in 1967 is one of the largest employers in the country. That’s because it’s the organization mandated to register all teachers in the country before they can practice any teaching.

Each teacher that qualifies is thus given a TSC number and their names published annually. Thus, achieving this fete is a goal for many who have chosen teaching as their career path and this article aims to guide you through the registration process from start to finish.

You will also learn what some of the technical terminologies such as GP69 mean. So without any further delay, let’s kick in.

New teacher registration

Upon graduation from, teachers are required to register online using the TSC portal to be awarded a TSC number and seek employment as teachers in Kenya, whether in a public or private institutions.

The advantages of registering as a teacher with TSC include

  • Job security is assured once employed through permanent Job scheme
  • Three guaranteed one-month holidays with pay annually
  • Pensionable jobs offered
  • Flexible schedules and less workload

These advantages have sustained the lives of many teachers which is why many parents, especially in rural, areas advice their kids to become teachers. The assured income and enough family time as compared with other professions are the two biggest factors.

However, as it’s the case for every nice thing, you must meet certain qualifications to register with TSC. These qualifications are based on the various levels of education in the country: ECDE, Primary and Secondary and the level of tertiary education reached by the applicant.

Above all, you must be below the age of 45 to apply for a TSC certificate

Now, let’s cover each of these levels

ECDE teachers

Certificate ECDE Teachers

A certificate ECDE teacher qualifies to register with TSC if they have either of the following

  • CPE/KCPE certificate and an ECDE Certificate from the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) or
  • KCSE mean grade of D+ (minimum) and an ECDE Certificate from KNEC or
  • KSCE mean grade of D (minimum) and KNEC proficiency certificate, plus an ECDE Certificate from KNEC

Diploma ECDE Teachers

A diploma ECDE Teacher qualifies to register with TSC if they have either of the following

  • KCSE Mean Grade of C Plain and an ECDE Certificate from KNEC or
  • KCSE Mean grade of C+ (minimum) plus a University Diploma in ECDE.

Bachelors ECDE Teachers

A bachelors ECDE teacher requires the following to qualify for TSC registration.

  • KCSE Mean grade C+ (and above) and a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree in ECDE.

Primary School Teachers

All primary school teachers are required to have the following to qualify for TSC registration

  • PTE (P1) Certificate from KNEC.
  • Bachelors of Education (B.Ed.) degree (Primary education) (with 2 teaching subjects) from an accredited university.

This, therefore, means you must have qualified to join the university to undertake an accredited course in teaching

Secondary School Teachers

Secondary school teacher must have either of these to apply for a TSC number

  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree in 2 teaching subjects, a KCSE mean grade C+ (or above) and the same grade in your two specialization subjects or
  • BA (Bachelor of Arts) degree or a BSc. (Bachelor of Science) degree, a KCSE mean grade C+ (or above), plus the same grade in your two specialization subjects and a PGDE or
  • Diploma in Education (minimum) plus a Minimum KCSE grade C Plus or above and C+ or above in the two specialization subjects.

Having checked that you’re qualified to register as a TSC teacher, you can then proceed by ensuring you have the following items before you begin the registration process.

Requirements for TSC registration

  • Scanned Bank slip or MPesa receipt screenshot confirming payment of registration fees
  • Certificate of good conduct. Learn how to get good conduct certificate online
  • Copies of your professional and academic certificates
  • Copy of your national identity card
  • For non-Kenyan, copies of entry and work permits
  • GP69 form
  • KRA pin Certificate
  • One passport size photo

The registration fee for a TSC certificate is Ksh 1,055 which can be done either through the bank or by MPesa. For bank payments, use National Bank of Kenya Account number: 01001000905001 with your ID number as the account name. Since you have to do this at the bank, enquire first before proceeding with the payment.

To pay TSC by MPesa

  • Go to MPesa
  • Select Lipa na MPesa
  • Choose Paybill
  • Enter Business Number 625625
  • For account number, enter TSC followed by ID number. E.g. TSC32#####1 (no space)
  • Input amount: Ksh 1,055
  • Input Pin and submit

Once you are done, take a screenshot of your MPesa receipt sent to you after the transaction.

If applying for a duplicate certificate, the fee is Ksh. 2055 which is deposited to the TSC Registration Account (National Bank of Kenya) Account No. 01001005707400.

Meanwhile, the GP69 form mentioned above is a medical examination form filled by a certified medical health officer in a public medical facility following several medical tests conducted on the form applicant.

For foreigners seeking to register with TSC, you are required to provide some crucial additional documents

  • A document of registration or authorization as a teacher obtained in your country of origin
  • Academic and professional certificates issued by an accredited/approved foreign institution and equated to Kenya standards by the Kenya National Qualifications Authority or other relevant public institution in Kenya.
  • Genuine Entry/Work Permit issued by Kenya’s Department of Immigration.
  • Valid Certificate of Good Conduct or similar document issued by the applicable law enforcement agency in your country of origin.
  • Vetting letter obtained from Kenya’s Ministry of Education.

All these documents must be approved by the TSC county or sub-county director who you can reach by visiting TSC regional offices, before uploading in the online registration process.

Now that everything is ready, let’s get to the step by step procedure of TSC certificate registration online.

TSC Registration portal
TSC Registration portal

How to apply for TSC certificate online

1. Click here to access TSC Online Portal

2. Click on New Teachers Registration links in the Main Menu depending on your citizenship status. For this guide, we will proceed with registration for Kenyan citizens.

3. Fill in the following details correctly: ID Number, Surname, Phone Number, KRA PIN, Category (ECDE, Primary or Secondary), whether you’re a trained teacher, KCSE/ KCE/ KACE/ EACE/ EAACE Mean Grade, and Year of Sitting. Click on Next

4. Enter your remaining Basic information such as Gender, names, Religion, Date of Birth, Home County, email, etc. Also, fill in your Permanent and Current Addresses then click on Next

5. Enter information on academic and professional documents you have acquired and upload the documents before saving each entry.

6. Ensure your documents are below 1 MB for the upload to be successful. If any document is larger than 1MB, compress by right-clicking on the file, scroll down to Send to, then select Compressed (zipped) Folder.

7. Once you have uploaded a minimum of 3 academic certificates representing your primary, secondary and tertiary education, Click on Next

8. On the 4th page, you are required to upload six additional documents which include either of the following. Some are mandatory are stated in the requirements section we went through earlier

  • Affidavit
  • Payment Evidence: Bank Slip or MPesa
  • Certificate of Good Conduct
  • Clearance Commission of Higher Education
  • GP69 Medical Letter
  • ID or Passport in one PDF
  • Transcripts all in one PDF
  • Passport Photo
  • KRA PIN Certificate
  • Certificate for Persons with disability

9. Ensure you save every time you finish uploading a document. Click on Next to proceed

10. On the final page enter your main and second subject details. If you have ever been dismissed from service before, include that information too.

11. Finally, enter your payment details including reference code before saving and finalizing your work.

Your application will be processed and if successful, your TSC certificate will be posted to the address you provided during the application within the next 30 days. You will also receive an SMS from TSC with your TSC registration number.

If in the process of waiting for your TSC registration certificate you feel like checking the status of your TSC registration then  

  • Go back to the TSC Online Portal
  • Click on Registration Status in the Main Menu
  • Enter your TSC, ID or Passport Numbers
  • Click on Search.

TSC Registration Denial

You should also be aware that your application for registration with TSC is not guaranteed. There are instances where a TSC application can be denied. The reasons that might result in TSC registration denial include:

  • When an applicant lacks the required academic and professional documents
  • Has been convicted previously of an offence especially a sexual or physical offence against a learner or any other criminal offence that renders him/her unfit to be a teacher
  • Has been involved in those activities that are detrimental to peace, good governance, and good order in the country
  • Suffers from a mental or physical condition that renders him/her incapable of performing the duties of a teacher

Meanwhile, there is a huge penalty for any applicant who intentionally submits wrong information in the application process; a Ksh 100,000 fine, a 12-month jail time or both according to Section 44 of TSC Act No. 20 of 2012.

The next logical thing to do after a successful TCS certificate registration is to declare wealth, especially when seeking employment. For more inquiries on Teacher Registration Call 020-2892351, or send an email at info@tsc.go.ke.


  1. Hello after applying for my tsc reg no. In the place of entering payment reference number i didnt eneter bankslip number but instead wrote “bankslip” will that make my application be denied?

  2. hello I uploaded my certificates and after sometime They rejected my application.Please help me. Am worried course l paid to the National Bank 2018
    and KNEC,is my payment valid?

    • Your college certificate is necessary but if you can’t wait for it to come back, you should try applying with the result slip. Make sure you do the application in a TSC office for further guidance

    • Hey Muchoki, you need to contact TSC for you to get your certificate. Reach them on Twitter. Call 020-2892351 or send an email to info@tsc.go.ke. If you dont get a response you will have to visit on of their offices

    • Hey Muchoki, you need to contact TSC for you to get your certificate. Reach them on Twitter. Call 020-2892351 or send an email to info@tsc.go.ke. If you dont get a response you will have to visit on of their offices

  3. I’m told that my tsc number is reset,reason is I should upload my kcse certificate,how should I go about it please help

    • Hello Annastacia, you need to update your information and on the academic section upload your KCSE certificate. Just log in and update the data.

  4. I’m told that my tsc number is reset,reason is I should upload my kcse certificate,how should I go about it please help

    • Hello Annastacia, you need to update your information and on the academic section upload your KCSE certificate. Just log in and update the data.


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