Two things you must do before you leave high school

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Written By El Gwaro

When we move from one stage to another, we often find ourselves remembering the good old times, wishing we can go back and change the things we didn’t do well. Yet each of us has a chance to make things perfect.

Here are certain things you need to do before leaving high school that you will never regret.

1. Get into good terms with your teachers.

It’s very unfortunate that most people think that when they graduate from high school they will never need their teachers again to succeed in life. This is definitely not right.

First, you will come back in the next few years to seek a recommendation for job applications. If you left a bad reputation with a teacher, it’s a sure thing you’ll not get a great recommendation.

Secondly, you might meet these teachers as influencers in your professional life. That teacher you looked down upon might be your connection to the company you’ve dreamt woring for. The principle here is never to underestimate the value of anybody.

Lastly, Teachers are underappreciated despite their integral part in building a nation. What do you stand to lose if you humble yourself and thank your teachers for nurturing you into the person you are?

Put a smile on a teacher’s face, give her the strength to push on and blessing will incessantly pursue you.

2. Find a means you will use to remain in contact with your school mates

Honestly saying, some of the best friends you will ever have in life are made in high school. Strong bonds are created when you meet people who you share passions with and these bonds are very important for survival in this cruel world.

Before you leave that gate, make sure you have more than 20 contacts of your schoolmates and friends. Don’t just pick them for the sake, be ready to connect with them after high school especially through functions, parties, and events.

These will be the influencers of the society when you will be in the prime of your professional life. They will help you acquire jobs, sign contracts, get amazing discounts and inform you of opportunities you can exploit.

So don’t be ignorant by assuming their role in your success. Connection is the most powerful tool for success in this generation so your network is what will build you.

Yeah, brief but precise. I hope you now see how important it is to remain connected with your people. Strive to build your network because friends will help you reach far and cover wide.

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