What university students should do as lecturers strike

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Written By El Gwaro

It’s quite apparent that university lecturers, just like the Doctors, are not relenting their fight for implementation of the salary and working conditions agreement they made with the government a few years ago.

The government, on the other hand, has cast a blind eye on the matter since all they care about right now is how to get back in power come August 8th.

So, in this dramatic tussle, the group of people being affected is the youth especially those in colleges and universities. We have already lost January and it seems like it’s just the beginning of a year that will be subjected to massive wastage.

However, one thing we fail to remember as the young energetic generation of this country is that we have the power to allow or not allow situations to affect us. We forget that we are the drivers of our destinies.

Many students have decided to stay in their homes, watch TV and movies all day, party all night and live abundantly under the mantra of YOLO. If asked they bluntly whine that their lecturers are striking.

But did you know that there is a lot you can do now that will add tremendous value to you? Lectures are not the determinants of your future. They are just but dispensable factors in your success. You shouldn’t waste your time under the pretense that you are waiting for the lecturers to get back to work.

The strike will be over sooner than later and as we get back to business, those who utilized their time to do something productive will be far ahead than the rest. Here are some interesting ideas you would pursue. (Serious Voice)

  1. Organize your notes and acquaint yourself with the semester’s units. Get ahead of your lecturers so when the semester finally begins you will have less work to do.
  2. Officially start doing that thing you have postponed all your life. Getting started is usually tough, be it a business, an app, a minor course, a sport, a personal development project or anything, but as soon as you pass the amateur phase, you will be more than glad you actually began.
  3. Start a Personal Growth Project. We all have weaknesses that prevent us from achieving our goals. Some of these weaknesses are not permanent and can be overcome with little effort. Take this time to train yourself into a better person. Be it in time management, anger management, financial management, social skills or anything, just check out yourself.
  4. Build your relationships. You can use this time to connect with your parents, relatives, and friends instead of wasting it. Meet and talk with people who matter to you because they make life awesome.

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All the above might have sounded like baloney for guys who just want to have fun and those who believe that it’s never too serious. Yeah, I know how you feel, you love to live in the moment and let tomorrow come as it wants. It’s not a bad thing and that’s why I’ve got you covered also. Here are some ideas you will like. (Fun Voice)
One or two tips contradict what I’ve advised above but, this is my young mind thinking.

  1. Get all the movies and series you can access and start watching as you preserve some for the semester
  2. Attend functions and parties where you meet and hook up with young and exciting people.
  3. Travel around the country, visit places and explore nature.
  4. Get a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Go out there and meet someone who suits you. When the semester begins, many will reject new suitors by claiming they are busy studying.
  5. Hustle hard. Money and time to look for money will be limited very soon. Arm yourself with some saving for the semester. HELB money will be disbursed and most will squander it like nobody’s business.

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