Why Kenyan Students and Lecturers Should Adopt the Electric Scooter like The Japanese

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It is highly likely that you have already heard of or seen scooters, especially the kick scooters. What about electric scooters? An electric scooter is just a motorized scooter that uses an onboard rechargeable battery and other electrical components. The electric scooters have gained significant popularity in such countries as Japan mainly due to the desire to reduce environmental footprint.

Despite most electric scooters being small, they are sturdy gadgets that can support almost anyone including adults. It also has handlebars, lights plus brakes, and it’s creatively designed to ensure optimum comfortability.

Additionally, electric scooters also come with additional features like seats. Generally, the driving force of this machine allows one to move constantly. Environmental consciousness, the ease of use associated with the electric scooters and the convenience make them a popular choice among students and professors in such nations as Japan and the US.

Professor Eric Chang of University of South California Commuting on an Electric Scooter

During my undergraduate studies at JKUAT, I remember the tales of one of our professors (Prof. Mutwiwa) who narrated how surprised he was to learn that professors in Japan commute on scooters, skates, and bikes. He observed this immediately he got enrolled for a Master’s Degree program in that country.  He was ashamed once he remembered how his Kenyan professors were in a competition to acquire the biggest fuel guzzlers while throwing caution to the wind about the environmental impact of these machines.

As an engineering student, I took it upon myself to do more research in this field and I realized that is the global trend. I can hereby confirm that it is happening elsewhere. It is all about going electric, green, and curbing global warming. This trend can also be adopted by any Kenyan lecturer and student will be able to improve their thinking as well as exercise physically.

A Female Japanese Student Riding an Electric Scooter To Class

The Kenyan students and lecturers should adopt this machine just like the Japanese and Americans due to the numerous gains. The riding style is the easiest task because it requires almost no lessons. The electric scooter takes longer to deplete stored energy because of its small body size and shape. Additionally, there is an inbuilt alarm which notifies the rider when the speed is above the limit. The price is also ideal for the general public.

The electric scooter is likely to guarantee better performance for Kenyan students due to efficiency and speed when attending lectures. The electric scooter also exhibits special appearance with just a stepping pad or seat. They can also be folded and taken into a class or onboard a bus, car, or train.

There are also a number of other nice gadgets in the market which makes traveling adventurous and much faster such as the electric unicycles. These are more compact and come in a different design. Though different in nature, all these scooters and electric bikes are meant to meet the same traveling goals.

Scooters are one of the leading means of transportation which move with super acceleration speeds. This will ensure a lifetime experience for Kenyan student and lecturers being one of the fastest means to access a learning institution. Therefore, electric scooters are the best fit for Kenyan students and lecturers.

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