Why Lulu Kamau’s Scandal might be a faux

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With the current prevalence of social media platforms in the society, any rumor can spread like wildfire due to a large number of judgmental and hungry news gluttons ready to take in whatever is given to them.

The week has kicked off with the news of Lulu Kamau, a student at JKUAT who is accused of allegedly infecting the dean of students, Mr. Nyarika and his wife with an STD and intending to use the dean to rig the upcoming elections in the institution.

Alleged screenshots of the conversation between the student and the dean’s wife have spread like wildfire through Whatsapp and Facebook making this rumor a hot topic at the moment.

However and quite unfortunate, we might be crucifying this young lady, accusing her of things that might not be true. Take a keen look at the following details.

Lulu is contesting for the post of Academic Secretary in the upcoming elections. She faces fierce competition from Kevin Alunga, Wanyoike Daniel, and two others. Don’t you think the conversation might have been scripted to cause defamation on her side?

We all know that university politics are unregulated that’s why there are many goons out there who create messages that focus on defaming rival aspirants. The kind of words they use can make you go blind and the unfortunate thing is that they can’t be controlled. They hide behind the mama’s skirt of freedom of speech.

Back to our issue, when you take a keen look at the screenshots taken by the alleged wife of the dean, you notice something sinister. Even before we read the conversation which is just unbelievable, you realize how the phone number of Lulu is written.

If you possess the attraction to tiny details you should know that in Whatsapp, when you chat with a number that’s not on your contact list, the number appears at the top, with the country code. So, in this instance, the number should have been seen as +254 708 blah. This is a very important fact to consider before you start making judgments.

The alleged conversation between Lulu and the dean’s wife

Secondly, the conversation between the two members is just not real. I can’t imagine a woman who is scared of a university girl such that she can’t confront her to leave her husband despite having infected them with the STI.

Ideally, the wife should be the one giving threats here. I mean, ‘this lady has infected us with STI, and she still wants my man!’ I’m trying to take the persona of the subject and it just doesn’t make sense.

Lastly, who in his or her right senses can spill everything through a social media platform. These screenshots claim that the lady, besides stating that she will use the Dean to rig votes, threatens to kill the wife. Surely, we all know our conversations through social media can be captured and used against us. I don’t think Lulu in her right senses can make such remarks.

This scandal is another example of defamation scripted by university goons. All they had to do was to store her phone number in plain digits on one phone and on the other phone, use Lulu’s picture as the Whatsapp profile picture. Then the rest is just a chat they scripted. Anybody can do that.

JKUAT Dean of students, William Nyariki

Nevertheless, we can’t substantially say the whole scandal is faux. People don’t just connect you with the dean of students without having some information about a weird relationship between you two.

So, if this scandal is to be addressed, tracing the real origin of the screenshots and giving an opportunity for the parties involved to say their sides of the story will be very instrumental.

Otherwise, despite how long this story stays in the news waves, it goes down as one big scandal in Kenya university life history. Anyway, I beseech everybody who has heard the rumors to contemplate deeper and not to judge without all facts at hand.

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