5 Good Reasons why you should go to College

I’m very delighted to share my very first blog and today I will basically give you the reasons why you should go to college which is a fundamental step in your life. Some of us believe they have already achieved a lot or traveled to every corner of the globe courtesy of talent or luck but I challenge you to think wider.

Tell me something that assures you a comfortable and sustainable life and that can never be snatched away from you. If you guessed education, we are on the same page. Read on as I reveal five of the most important reasons to further your education.

1. Higher Education Improves your Social Status.

Society nowadays has become stereotypic when dictating a person’s social class. People that are deemed high in the social ranks are mostly those that have acquired higher education. We all want to associate with smart people, those that have made tremendous steps in the academic aspect.

A research involving 256 young adults by a renowned US-based research company revealed that 73% of women will only marry men with a college degree and 64% of the men will only marry women with the same.

Generally, failing to attend college limits your access to more than half of wonderful loving people out there. Unless Dr. True Love come to your rescue, you are screwed

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2. Tertiary Institutions are hotbeds of great Connections.

College is the best place to meet people from different cultures, languages, behaviors, etc. As an undergraduate, you are at the prime of your life. This is the time to be adventurous, wild, and weird, whatever you can think of, time to enjoy independence. Nurture friendships with amazing people and create connections that will open doors in the future.

The time you spend with these new pals doing things that you like either for a common goal or for enjoyment creates memories that will forever linger in your mind. You want to know where I got my name from, my dad’s best friend in Egerton University was called Elvis, and they had such an amazing connection that they did almost everything together. Dad wanted to have a son who will also be a best friend.

3. Better chance for Quality Life.

We are all programmed to seek happiness. Being happy is the most desired attribute in the world and those that desire things like money, women, and drugs, just defer in their definition of happiness. What higher education gives you is a staircase that takes you to a floor of abundant life. To begin with, it gives you self-confidence.

Have you ever seen how university professors or lawyers carry themselves? They walk with a gist; unshakable confidence, it’s as if they own the world. They talk with an accent, clad in fashion and associate with respectable people. This self-confidence is bolstered by their outstanding academic achievements.

Secondly, it gives you access to many opportunities. Higher education widens your thinking, expands your knowledge and makes you a problem solver. The self-discipline timetable and rigorous academic program in university, molds a student into an informed life-savvy; it gives you the hacks of survival.

Also, when you research about the greatest innovators and leaders of the world, you will notice that almost all were seekers of higher education. They went to colleges and then pursued their ideas diligently. Talk of Marie Curie (University of Paris), Martin Luther King (Boston University) and this century greatest leader, Barrack Obama (Harvard University).

4. A Better Future for Your People.

There is this rule very common in many households, ‘your dad and I went to university, so you must also work hard and pursue higher education’. Mum emphasized it since I became of age. I didn’t really understand why she insisted that I follow their footsteps but I later came to understand the notion behind. They wanted to uphold the tradition of attending college.

Parents are proud when their children succeed in life and academic excellence might as be the achievement they value most. I am pretty sure you want your kids to succeed as much as, or even more than you have. Attending college will clear the pathway for your descendants. Your kids especially will be very motivated having seen their parents succeed and hence will also work pretty hard to liken your achievements. A spirit of determination will surround your people and your success will be their success.

5. More Money.

I saved the best for the last. More money; I can see the wide grin on your face. In today’s society, it is almost impossible to survive without money. Money makes the world go round, it moves machines, it creates jobs, it feeds us and above all it makes us smile. Having plenty of money is a blessing but it comes with a price (funny how money has a price). A study by US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that on average, adults who have a college degree earn around $430 weekly more than those that only have high school degrees in the USA.

Higher education opens doors and connects you with greatness besides giving you a better chance to achieve financial success. High education leads to job opportunities which ensure job security and in turn economic stability. When you specialize in a unique field, your services will always be needed and thus you will always have a means of thriving. With more money, you have access to better health and nutrition, recreation, access to information, better housing and a lot more.

There you go, the five most important benefits of attending college. You have a chance to determine the rest of your life. Make wise decisions. Know what you stand to gain or lose. Some emphasis on college having the best moments of your life. I hope I have convinced someone to get a college degree. Other things can wait. You will never regret that decision.

12 thoughts on “5 Good Reasons why you should go to College”

  1. Great article Elvis. Many people think college is all about making one employable but it is of much more use as you have stated very well in the article!

  2. This is just pretty amazing. It gives one the oomph to join a higher learning institution. Great stuff cheek legend am inspired.

  3. Good article CheekLegend! You provide many great reasons to go to college. My favorites of all are the people you meet, and the connections you make. How this doesn’t sound trivial. When you think about it, these two cover all the bases! In college, they say, you learn a trade. This is true, but the other things we learn are a lot more important. In college, we learn to interact with many people of diverse scenarios and ethnic origins. You will probably meet life long friends there. Best yet, you will be pulled out of your shell, and trained to interact with others. These are in my opinion, the best reasons to go to college. In addition, most of the highest paying jobs are reserved for people with degrees.

    • Sam, i give you the crown for Best Comment. What you have just said is deep from within and i appreciate it. College is a life transforming experience and you have the best testimony. Thanks for your insights 🙂

  4. I was lucky enough to attend three colleges ( all in the music niche ) throughout my teens and early twenties – had an absolutely made time and learned one hell of a lot about myself! I would recommend this path to any youngster – you really learn about the world super fast! Great article

    • I’m Very grateful you have had the college experience and you can attest on how wonderful adventurous and fulfilling it is. I wish more youngsters will not allow themselves to miss this great opportunity thanks Chris


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