Why you should study abroad rather than in Kenya

Ever wondered what it feels like studying abroad compared to studying in Kenya? Or have you had enough of the local education system and wanted something different?

Well, read on to see what more you will gain from studying abroad as compared to studying in Kenya.

You get to see the world.

We all dream of traveling around the world. So, what better way can we achieve this other than studying abroad. Through it, you can travel from country to country satisfying your hunger for adventure.

You can see buildings taller than hills in your village, spectacular scenery, new species of organisms (excuse my science) and much more.

Experience a new culture.

Bored by your local way of life, you might want to experience a new culture. All countries have unique cultures. These unique cultures will open up your mind in numerous ways making you a worldwide thinker.

Plus learning a new culture might create the best moments in your life, moments you will love to cherish.

Develop your language skills.

The local environment has created a comfort zone where we use sheng or our mother tongues all the time and hence ignore English, the language that has taken almost all official conversations in the new world.

Studying at a college where most people speak English means you will hone your language skills. You can also meet international students who speak that language you love e.g., French or German, and they will help you sharpen your speech.

Get jobs easily.

The societal notion that students who graduate from universities abroad are better than those from local universities is still there. Imagine having Harvard University printed in your resume, who in Kenya would not employ you. In addition, you have better chances to be employed overseas too.

Create global relationships and connections.

The people you meet in top global universities will be the decision-makers for the future world. Creating good friendships with these people and maintaining them will soon come in handy. They will be there to inform you of opportunities in their worlds and open doors for you.

Become a better version of yourself.

Living in a completely new world is not a piece of cake for everybody. People are especially scared of how they will be treated by people differently and how the new life will be.

When you are able to conquer the new environment, connect with people from all over the world and be successful in your studies and career, you will realize the Alexander in you and have the courage to conquer future walls.

Basically, that’s most of what you gain from studying abroad though there is much more I may have left out. Feel free to add to my list in the comments section.

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