Why you should attend First Year Orientation

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Written By El Gwaro

I know you have heard about this orientation event for first ‘years’. While some have wondered what it concerns, other don’t know its importance. This gives me the opportunity to clear the confusion.

To begin with, orientation is an event meant to introduce newcomers into an institution. In college, first years are grouped into departments and their supervisors take them around the institution.

You remember in Form 1 when your guardian or godparent showed you around the school so that you became familiar with the school? Now, this is the college version, though here, you are in groups and instead of a guardian, it’s a supervisor.

You will later assemble for meetings probably on the second day and here the department staff will take you through the rules of the institution. These meetings are very crucial if you plan to graduate. I say this because some information from these meetings might never be mentioned again until when you go to pick you degree and get dismissed for not adhering to one of the rules.

Well, orientation is a time to get acquainted, probably one of the best time to know people. It gives incoming students an opportunity to meet fellow freshman students. You meet people from various backgrounds and forge great friendship-bonds that will make your four, five, six years in college a wonderful experience.

Another thing, during meetings with staff members, you will be exposed to the disciplines and structures of your course. Some who are still not sure whether they really want to do the course they got into, can get advice from friends and staff about changing the course. You might meet students who are very passionate about something you like too and they can be just the motivation you need.

Orientation also allows you to discuss campus survival skills with continuing students. For instance, there are certain places around college where people get robbed. Getting this information as soon as you start college will save you a lot of trouble.

Ladies especially need to know these black spots as soon as you land in college. Learning from a friend, that laptops are stolen every day, will make you more careful with your gadgets or the world will teach you the hard way.

Orientation it’s a one-time fun event is fun especially with the new friends you will make. But most importantly, the information you learn, set you off at a good pace. I hope you are looking forward to your orientation, fellow freshers.

Welcome to university.


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