8 Ways to Make your Writing Style Recognizable On Your Blog

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Blogging will continue to bloom especially this year 2020. Most people these days stay at home and most of them are trying new skills like blogging or online writing.

In the past years, it has been proven that blogs can be a source of income and it plays an important role in boosting content strategy for various types and sizes of businesses.

Whether you will blog for fun or to earn, having a writing style is essential. Here are some tips to make it easier for your writing style to become recognizable on your blog, thus, attracting more readers to come back.

1. The Opening matters

The headline is the most compelling part of your blog. It is consistent with the conclusion of a recent study where it states that 80 percent of readers go straight to the post because of the title. Thus, having a great title or headline is vital in having a distinct writing style.

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In addition to the title, writing short but fluid four or five sentences for the first paragraph is important to catch the attention of your reader. Otherwise, your blog will look visually overwhelming or boring, which will cause the reader to leave.

2. Remain welcoming and inviting

Writing is an art. You stay in an art gallery if the paintings are pleasing to the eyes. If it looks aesthetically displeasing, you will lose interest. This is just the same as writing.

To achieve an aesthetically pleasing “look,” create sub-headings that will breakdown the thoughts of your blog topic. Also, you may create bullets to emphasize important points. Just the same as your opening paragraph, maintain short words, sentences, and paragraphs for the rest of the post.

3. Target specific audience

An important thing to keep in mind in having a specific writing style is focusing on your target audience. If you have a specific type of reader in mind, you will not deviate far from their interest.

Blog target audience
Blog target audience

For example, you are blogging on Medium about medical front-liners, would you post about real estate topics? Unless there is a connection between the audience and the topic, it will be nonsense to post such matters since your audience won’t read it anyway.

Thus, before you even start blogging, make sure you target a specific audience. It would be best if it is in line with your passion or hobby since it’s easier for you to write more about it. And every time you will post, you have to keep in mind the connection between your audience and your post.

4. Build credibility and trust

“Create a credible blog where readers can trust what you write,” says Michael Dew, an essay writer, and manager at a professional writing service called Paper Writing Pro.

What will be your impression in a post where it keeps on saying good things to a product as if it is 100% perfect, no flaws? It’s marketing. As we all know, marketers tend to hide the flaws so they can sell products or services. We don’t want our blog to appear that way.

Honest blogs usually get more readers since the audience is interested to know more about the product, especially its cons. Aside from that, it is quite important to use correct grammar since it adds up to your credibility for spending time to write accurately.

5. Stick to your tone

Trending blogs usually use that type of tone to invite more readers. Using a conversational or friendly tone will let your readers see you as their friend or family member.

If you will advise the reader, he or she will most likely adhere to what you say because of your tone. On the other hand, if you will request something from them, they will probably comply because they treat you as their friend.

Some conversational phrases are like the following:

“Take time to imagine this…”

“Hear my thoughts…”

“Now, I know what is going on in your mind.”

6. Engage your readers

Engage your readers by asking questions. Doing so will lead your audience to think and meditate on what the topic is all about.

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Even though questions are essential, you don’t want to place them all over the post, or else, it will look like a quiz and not a blog post. Questions only serve as a pause for the audience to analyze, so they can feel their involvement.

Here’s an example:

If your health is weak? It’s tragic. All hard-earned money you tried to save will be for nothing. Everything will go down the drain.

Throwing simple, short, and concise questions throughout your article is a super effective tactic to entice your reader.

7. Call to action

Bloggers write because they want their readers to act on something. If you are not keen to call them to do something then perhaps you need to find the purpose of your blog first.

Some blogs ask their readers to support a cause or they conduct a donation drive. On the other hand, the majority of blogs these days blog business topics to encourage their audience to buy things or services.

Thus, your writing style must remain informative, factual, and useful. Your readers can gauge whether the content of your blog is valuable enough to enable them to buy the product you are endorsing in your post.

8. Utilize punctuation marks wisely

Blogging Style use punctuation
Blogging Style use punctuation

Whether you are an expert in blogging or still a newbie using platforms for making a free blog, it is important to utilize punctuation marks wisely to make your writing style recognizable.

Here are some notes that you may find useful:

  1. Only use one exclamation mark, overdoing might mean you are angry, disappointed, or overexcited.
  2. Use apostrophes to emphasize your point, indicate possession, or abbreviate words.
  3. The comma is used to make the flow of words more natural as if you are reading it aloud.
  4. Use “and” instead of “&” unless it is called for.
  5. To break a sentence, use double hyphens instead of a hyphen.

Why writing style matters

You blog, because there are readers. That’s the plain truth. If there are no readers, what is the sense of blogging? You can simply write a diary if having an audience is not that important to you.

Since audience or readers are quite essential in maintaining a blog, having a writing style comes to the picture. Your recognizable writing style is your online personality.

If you are about to face a big audience, you will dress up and show the best version of yourself, right?

Writing a blog is like presenting yourself to the whole world since anyone can access the Internet. Thus, you need to show the best writing style that will capture your target readers.

You want to leave a good impression on your audience and you want them to come back, to meet them again.

This article is a contribution by Isabell Gaylord, a renowned content marketing specialist, professional writer, blogger and journalist. Her interest lies mainly in business and finance, management and startup culture.

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