Xtian Dela launches Toboa App for people to open up and seek help

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Written By El Gwaro

Toboa App is a social platform where anybody can share their stories, secrets, and confessions to a multitude of people who can relate and offer support and advice.

Xtian Dela explains that the idea started when he asked members on his contact list to share some of their confessions on WhatsApp DM, which he would then anonymously post on his status. Surprisingly, he got so many confessions and within 3 days, his WhatsApp had already blown up with thousands of messages.

Therefore, he decided to create a Telegram Channel and remarkably, within another 3 days, the telegram channel had already reached 10000 members. Personally, I joined when it had about 12000 subscribers and saw it grow to 25000 within days.

Every day a topic of discussion was selected and anybody who had a story would share anonymously. Xtian would receive confessions in his inbox, go through them and post some in the channel. The stories were insane. You would spend hours skimming through and wondering what the world has come to.

Confessions of pornography and sexual addiction, incest, sibling rivalries, abuse, rape, abortions, the list goes on and on.  With such viral activity, it was only logic for Xtian to create a whole independent app with great features for better sharing and that how Toboa App was born.

The app is very decent and offers quite a list of features

  • Easy posting of stories.
  • Choose the category of your confession
  • Record audios as part of your confession
  • Commenting on any post with emoji support
  • Post anonymously or publicly
  • Tabs for trending, latest, audio and explicit content

Meanwhile, all posts have to undergo algorithmic screening, which siphons out spams, vulgar and delicate information. If a post is rejected, it appears in the rejected menu in a user’s profile

Toboa enables people to share their burdens with the world to initiate personal growth. People can speak up against injustices, for instance, a former student of Maryhill Girls High School recounted the harrowing details of how they were drugged and molested for weeks in the name of casting demons. Meanwhile, anybody can offer support and advice to people who share their stories

If you need to speak up or to seek advice on some very personal and pertinent issues needs to have downloaded the Toboa App like yesterday. It’s a very great idea, I wonder why nobody had thought of it before. Big up to Xtian Dela.

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