Top 13 Forex Trading Schools in Kenya

As individuals seek to explore opportunities in the global financial markets, Kenya has gained significant popularity through Forex trading that is being done by individuals. To meet the growing demand for both knowledge and skills, several Forex trading schools have emerged across the country.

The following Forex trading schools in Kenya offer effective training to interested learners. Leveraging the expertise of skilled instructors and their pragmatic approach, these schools provide comprehensive courses that underscore their efficiency in the field.

Whether you are a beginner looking for basics on how to start learning Forex trading or an experienced individual who wants to enhance your skills, these schools play a crucial role and are highly recommended. 

 1. Nairobi School of Forex

Nairobi School of Forex
Screenshot of Nairobi School of Forex FB

Kenya School of Forex is a reputable institution in Kenya that offers comprehensive forex trading education. With a team of experienced instructors, the school provides courses and training programs to equip students with the necessary skills and strategies for success in the forex market. They cater to beginners and advanced traders, offering courses tailored to different skill levels. Practical learning is emphasized, allowing students to gain hands-on experience and real-time market analysis. Personalized mentorship and support are provided to enhance students’ trading abilities. The school’s commitment to professionalism, integrity, and empowering individuals to achieve financial independence makes it a trusted resource for aspiring forex traders in Kenya.

Courses offered include :

  • Forex robots
  • Forex signals
  • Copy trading
  • Managed accounts
  • Performance analysis

Program structure: offers online, evening, weekend, morning, and afternoon classes both online and physical.

Fees: Full course costs 53,000 KS which is payable in installments of 30,000KS for the first month and 50,000KS for the second month

 Location: general mange drive, Westlands

Application: Click on the online form to get started


  • Phone – 0792 540 000
  • Website –
  • Email- [email protected].

2. Financial Hub Forex School

Financial Hub Forex
Image Credit: Financial Hub Forex

Financial Hub Forex Academy is a company based in Nairobi, Kenya, specializing in training, funding, and mentoring forex traders. Founded in 2018 by three passionate forex traders, Financial Hub offers a range of services to kickstart and enhance your forex career. Their forex courses provide comprehensive education and guidance, allowing you to learn how to trade consistently and join a community of profitable traders.  The company also provides valuable content through its podcasts, articles, and free forex school. With a focus on education, psychology, and cryptocurrencies, Financial Hub is dedicated to equipping traders with the necessary knowledge and skills for success.

Courses offered include :

  • Forex e-learning
  • Forex masterclass

Program structure: Forex e-learning goes for 8 modules starting at 10 hours (online)and a masterclass for 8 modules starting at 16 hours.

fees:$. 100 for forex e-learning (for life ) and $. 400 for Forex masterclass (2 months

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Application: No information is provided 

Contacts :

  • Phone – 0702 803 735/ 0716 001 194
  • Website
  • Email- [email protected]

3. Follow The Trend Ltd

Follow The Trend LTD
Image Credit: Follow The Trend LTD

Follow The Trend Ltd offering expertise in the Futures Market and a commitment to a better future. They provide comprehensive resources and support to address all trading concerns, it is dedicated to empowering traders with the knowledge and skills needed for success. Their services include trading psychology, trade plan development, and education on the role of futures exchanges. With a focus on comfort and informed decision-making, they strive to create a platform that caters to the modern trader. Testimonials highlight the effectiveness of their approach in empowering traders. They are experienced in marketing and have a passion for a better fulling life.

Courses offered include: No relevant information is provided 

Program structure: Monday to Friday from 9:00 am t 5:00 pm and evening only by appointments

Fees: No relevant information is provided

Location: Chromo Road, Westlands Nairobi

Application: Fill out the online registration form to get started 

 to get started 

Contacts :

4. ISSA Training Centre

ISSA Training Centre
Screenshot of ISSA Training Centre

ISSA Training Centre offers a wide range of corporate technical and soft skills programs aimed at enhancing staff productivity through certified refresher courses. Their courses cover various fields such as mobile phone repair, laptop repair, computer repair, radio and DVD repair, and more, enabling individuals to start their businesses. With a focus on technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship, ISSA Training Centre aims to equip students with the best knowledge to become global leaders. They provide embedded learning approaches, qualified trainers, and well-equipped facilities for effective training. Additionally, they offer student hostels for those residing away from home and skilled trainers who assist the students when the need arises.

Courses offered include :

  • Forex training for beginners 
  • Online forex trading
  • Professional forex training
  • Stocks and cdf trading course

Program structure: No information is provided.

Fees: Fees vary per program, contact the admissions office for more information

Location: Kilimani, Nairobi, Kenya

Application: Application occurs every first week of  every month

Contacts :

  • Phone – 020 2324733 / 0729 229 177
  • Website –
  • Email- [email protected].

5. Fineagle Forex & Trading Institute

Fineagle Forex Trading Institute
Screenshot of Fineagle Forex Trading Institute

Fineagle Forex & Trading Institute is a reputable training and consultancy institution specializing in financial markets. With a team of experts boasting over 25 years of combined trading experience, they are the only accredited Forex Training Institution in Kenya. Their mission is to empower individuals interested in trading and provide them with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the foreign exchange domain. They offer comprehensive courses, lifetime mentorship, and unlimited support to all their students. Fineagle’s vision is to create a global presence and help traders go from zero to hero, while also contributing to the Kenyan economy by creating employment opportunities and filling the skill gap in the market. 

Courses offered include :

  • Introduction to forex
  • Technical analysis
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Trading essentials 
  • Trading strategies

Program structure: Takes two weeks for the courses listed above 

Fees:$ 5,000  for each course one is interested in.

Location: Parklands Avenue, Nairobi 

Application: Start by filling out an online registration form 

Contacts :

6. Pepperstone Markets Kenya Limited

Image Credit: Pepperstone Markets

Pepperstone is a comprehensive trading platform that provides traders with a wide range of services and tools. It offers the latest news and analysis on commodities and forex trading, enabling users to stay updated on global market trends. With a team of experienced research analysts, Pepperstone provides valuable insights and educational resources to enhance traders’ skills. As a regulated broker with licenses from reputable authorities, Pepperstone ensures a secure trading environment. Traders can take advantage of powerful platforms like MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader, and TradingView. With its market analysis and educational materials, Pepperstone equips traders with the necessary tools to make informed trading decisions and improve their trading performance.

Courses offered include :

  • Introduction to forex trading 
  • Technical analysis

Program structure: No information is provided 

Fees: No relevant information is provided 

Location: The oval, parklands, Nairobi 

Application: Click on this link and fill out the form to register.

Contacts : 

7. Brains With Concepts

Brains With Concepts
Image Credit: Brains With Concepts

Brains with Concept is a unique educational platform that focuses on fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students. Through their innovative programs and teaching methods, Brains with Concept aims to develop students’ cognitive abilities and nurture their creativity. The institute believes in the power of conceptual understanding and provides engaging learning experiences that go beyond rote memorization. With a diverse range of courses and workshops, Brains with Concept encourages students to explore different fields of knowledge and develop a multidimensional perspective. Their expert faculty members guide students in acquiring deep comprehension of subjects and applying concepts to real-world situations. By prioritizing conceptual learning, Brains with Concept equips students with the tools to become independent thinkers and lifelong learners, preparing them for success in academic and professional pursuits.

Courses offered include :

  • Forex trading masterclass
  • The crypto and NPTS master class

Program structure: Contact the admissions office for more information.

Fees: For the Forex trading master class a total of $199.00 will be required for crypto and NPTs a total of $149.00 

Location: Thika Road, Nairobi 

Application: Visit the institution’s website to enroll.


  • Phone – 0736 322 100
  • Website –
  • Email- [email protected].

8. Citel Institute of Business & Technology

Citel Institute
Image Credit: Citel Institute

Citel Institute of Technology is a renowned educational institution that offers comprehensive programs in various fields of technology. With a focus on practical skills and industry-relevant training, Citel Institute equips students with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in today’s competitive job market. Their curriculum encompasses cutting-edge technologies and hands-on experiences, enabling students to develop a strong foundation and stay ahead in rapidly evolving industries. Citel Institute also provides state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty members who are dedicated to the success of their students. Whether pursuing a career in IT, software development, or cybersecurity, students at Citel Institute of Technology receive a quality education that prepares them for the challenges and opportunities of the technology sector.

Courses offered include :

  • Forex and securities 

Program structure:  The course takes a duration of one to two months 

Fees: Forex and securities cost $15,000 

Location: Moi Avenue, Nairobi 

Application: Contact the admissions office or send an email

Contacts :

9. Kenya Forex Firm

Kenya Forex Firm
Image Credit: Kenya Forex Firm

Kenya Forex Firm offers simple and effective Forex trade training, empowering individuals to learn and invest in the global Forex market. With a comprehensive education program, they teach everything from the basics to advanced trading strategies. Their 5-day course provides personalized one-on-one instruction, real-time market analysis, and exposure to advanced trading concepts. They also offer regular updates and additional content to ensure knowledge stays up-to-date. They also offer discounts on other trade-related products or services one, may be interested in, the firm also helps to acquire the necessary skills that may be needed in the trading field that will enable one to move to the next level.

Courses offered include :

  • Forex broker 

Program structure: 5-day course  and two hours of one on one instruction each day 

Fees: For the course listed above costs $25 (3,000)

Location: Riverside, Nairobi 

Application: Start by filling out a simple online form to get started.

Contacts :

10. The Royal Institute of Business

Royal Institute of Business
Image credit: Royal Institute of Business

The Royal Institute of Business is an esteemed institution dedicated to providing high-quality education and professional development in the field of business.  the institute offers a wide range of programs and courses designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the business world. From undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to professional certifications and short-term courses, the institute caters to diverse educational needs. The faculty comprises experienced professionals and industry experts who provide practical and industry-relevant learning experiences. In addition to academic excellence, the institute fosters a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages personal growth and networking opportunities.

Courses offered include: Contact the admissions office for more information.

Program structure: No relevant information is provided

Fees: Visit t the institution for inquiries

Location: Pioneer House, Nairobi 

Application: The application form is handed out physically at the admissions office.

Contacts :

  • Phone -0707 999 888
  • Website –

11. Joon Online

Image Credit: Joon Online

Joon Online is a comprehensive website that offers a wealth of information and resources on various topics related to making money and starting businesses. They cover a range of subjects including, online business ideas, and trading strategies. The site provides valuable insights through broker comparisons and tutorials, helping individuals navigate the world of online trading. Joon Online also offers an in-depth analysis of investment opportunities and business ideas, specifically focusing on the Indian market. Additionally, they feature a section on the top MLM and marketing companies in India. The website is a valuable resource for anyone looking to explore different avenues of income generation and entrepreneurship. It also includes product reviews and guides for those interested in starting their blog.

Courses offered include :

  • Short courses on the introduction of forex trading

Program structure: No relevant information is provided.

Fees: Contact the admissions office for more information

Location: Omolo agar, road

Application: Visit the institution to acquire an admission form 

Contacts :

12. FourthStreet Consultants

Image Credit: FourthStreet Consultants

FourthStreet Consultants, founded by Joshua Matumo in 2017, they have trained and mentored traders across Africa, providing live trading sessions and real-time market insights. Joshua Matumo, an experienced trader and teacher, also runs a blog and YouTube channel with high-quality trading content. They provide weekly updates, and their website offers useful links, including information about the company, privacy policy, and terms and conditions. FourthStreet aims to empower traders and help them grow and make money independently in the financial markets. they also have a newsletter that enables one to become updated. They have also trained and mentored numerous traders across the world.

Courses offered include :

  • Complete the online Forex course 

Program structure :3 months of online screen recording for FOREX trading

Fees: KS 42,000 is paid for the complete Forex course

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Application:  Visit the institution’s website to apply. 

Contacts : 

13. Afriforex

Image Credit: Afriforex

The website provides a platform for individuals interested in Forex trading in Africa. It offers various services and features aimed at empowering traders. The site offers access to a wide range of currency pairs and provides real-time market data, charts, and analysis tools to aid in making informed trading decisions. also offers educational resources such as tutorials and webinars to help beginners understand the fundamentals of Forex trading. The platform is user-friendly, with a simple interface and responsive customer support. It emphasizes security and transparency, ensuring that clients’ funds are kept safe. aims to be a trusted and reliable resource for Forex traders in Africa.

Courses offered include :

  • Afriforex ultimate beginner class
  • Afriforex masterclass I
  • One-on-one training 

Program structure: courses take approximately 5 weeks 

Fees :

  • Afriforex beginner class is free
  • Afriforex masterclass I – $99.00
  • One-on-one training – $998.00

Location: Hurlingham court building, Nairobi.

Application: visit the institution`s website and enroll in the interested course.


Wrapping up 

By offering practical training, personalized mentorship, tailored courses, and real-time market analysis, the schools above empower individuals to make informed trading decisions and manage risks effectively, Additionally the professionalism and integrity shown by these schools instill a sense of trust and confidence in students.

The commitment of these institutionscontributes significantly to the growth and development of Kenya. They also play a big role in nurturing a new generation of skilled and knowledgeable traders. in case you were looking for the right training institution that offers Forex trading, visit any of the above schools that are convenient and affordable for you.

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