25 Best Colleges in Nairobi and 40 Honorable Mentions

Nairobi County hosts the largest number of educational institutions in the country. It’s not a surprise then that the very best colleges in Kenya are found in Nairobi.

Some of these colleges offer high-quality education as compared to universities, due to their small manageable sizes which allow for personalized training.

They possess advanced technological equipment which enables students to learn using the latest means and hence achieve more.

This list contains the 65 of the best colleges in Nairobi and possibly in the entire country. I will only go through the top 25 colleges based mostly on Webometrics 2020 ranking and list the other 40 honorable mentions.

Let’s kick off!

25. International Hotel and Tourism Institute

IHTI is a hospitality and tourism training college located in the Kileleshwa which was founded in 2005 by a group of 5 renowned professionals in the hospitality industry. Under the stewardship of Ambassador Mwakio Sio, the institution focuses on molding students into credible and respectable professionals. It has attracted students from all over Africa and has proudly graduated thousands of hospitality professionals who secure jobs in top brands.

24. African Institute of Research and Development Studies

AIRADS is technical vocation education and training college which provides a holistic training and research environment for students in various disciplines including electrical engineering, ICT, Hospitality and Tourism, Health and Social Sciences, Business Management Studies, Journalism, media studies, and education among other. The college is located along Mama Ngina Street in Starehe.

23. Kenya Institute of Professional Studies

KIPS Technical College is a TVET approved institution located along Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi City, which offers artisans, certificates, diplomas, and high diplomas in various disciplines. These disciplines form the basis of the schools in which it is structured. They include ICT, Business, Engineering, Cosmetology, Foreign Languages, Development Studies, Hospitality and Tourism, Health and Applied Sciences, Journalism, and Media Studies. The Institution was ranked 98 of the best colleges and universities in Kenya by Webometrics.

22. Institute of Advanced Technology

Established in August 1991, IAT operates as an ICT and business training institute accredited by TVET to offer vocational training. The institution whose main campus is located in Pension Towers along Loita Street was ranked 92 by Webometrics 2020. It offers KNEC professional courses, diplomas, and certificate courses in disciplines such as business, ICT, and electrical and electronics engineering.

21. Nairobi Institute of Technology

Ranked at 88, NIT is a private mid-level education college located in Westlands established in 1997 to provide specialized training in a few related disciplines; Building, Interior Design, and Digital Arts. Courtesy of this focus, the institution has received recognition as a leading institution having won the 2011 Recognition Award by the Board of Registration of Architects and Quantity Surveyors. Webometrics ranked in number 88 of the best institutions in Kenya, 2020. It offers Certificate and Diploma courses in Architecture, Animation & Digital Media Design, Interior Design, and Quantity Surveying.

20. Nairobi Technical Training Institute

NTTI is a public college established under the Ministry of Education to provide vocational training. The institution’s history dates back to 1951 when it was established as an Asians only secondary school called Modern High School. Currently, it serves all races and provides education in Business Studies, ICT, Institutional Management, Liberal Studies, Plant Mechanical, Woodwork, Electrical, and Motor Vehicle mechanics skills. The college is located along Mogira Road in Pangani and is ranked 83 by Webometrics.

19. Kenya Institute of Mass Communication

KIMC was established in 1961 as Voice of Kenya Training School with the mission of training electronic engineering and technicians for Kenya Broadcasting Corporation and the Ministry of Information. The college is equipped with modern training equipment for engineering, film production, radio and TV production, journalism, studio electronica and has grown to attract foreign students from African countries including Gambia, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Somalia. It is located in Uholo Road and is ranked 82 in Kenya.

18. Oshwal College

Oshwal College is a post-modern tertiary institution located in 2nd Avenue Parklands which was founded in 1992. Over the years the institution has produced professionals in various fields including Accounting and Finance, Business Management, and Information Technology. It attracts students from the international landscape, maintains strong ties with corporate leaders, and has claimed the prestigious ACCA Platinum status. It is popular among the Indian community in Kenya and is currently ranked number 78 in Kenya.

17. Computer Pride Training Centre

Computer Pride is a unique college established by Computer Pride Limited, a leading firm in providing Capacity Building Solutions and Business Software Solutions. The institution thus provides proficiency courses, diplomas, certificates, and professional development courses in the services they provide. It is authorized to provide training as partners to Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, Oracle, PMI, PeopleCert, EC Council, CISA, Sage, Bitrix 24, and Netcore. The college is located at JKUAT Tower along Kenyatta Avenue and is ranked 74.

16. Kenya School of Monetary Studies

KSMS was established by the Central Bank of Kenya to build capacity for the banking industry and support the CBK in fostering a stable and well-functioning financial system. The institution took over the functions of the College of Banking and Finance which included offering short term management and skill development programs in Central Banking, Commercial Banking, Economics, Finance, Audit, Risk Management, Leadership, and Governance among other related fields. The institution is located along Thika Superhighway and is ranked number 72 in Kenya by Webometrics.

15. Kenya Technical Teachers College

KTTC is a TVET approved institution located in Gigiri whose mandate is to train technical trainers for secondary schools and tertiary institutions. The institution took its first batch of students in 1978 and has since grown to become a leading college of its kind in East and Central Africa. It offers technical education in disciplines such as Computer, Engineering, Business, Mathematics, and Applied Sciences, Entrepreneurship, and Information Studies among others.

14. East African Institute of Certified Studies

ICS College was established as a non-profit college offering training in HIV/AIDS management and community empowerment. Within the last 15 years of its existence, it has recorded tremendous growth in many aspects. Perhaps most notably, it currently hosts an active student population of 4000, a fete rare for young colleges. EAICS was selected by the Ministry of ICT to undertake the government-sponsored program PASHA aimed at promoting ICT in the country, an opportunity that made it a leading ICT institution. With numerous accreditation by bodies such as KNEC, KASNEB, ICM, ABMA, ABE, and JP-UK, EAICS continues to soar and is currently ranked 67 in the country. Its main campus is located along Moi Avenue.

13. Kenya Christian Industrial Training Institute

KCITI is a college located in a beautiful 5-acre piece of land in Eastleigh, established in 1992 with the mission to provide the very best technical training to students aiming to be professionals in the education industry. Besides education, KCITI offers courses in computer sciences, hairdressing, and beauty, engineering, hospitality, and driving. With a rank of 62 in the country, the college continues to prove its worth in transforming the professional landscape of the country and it does this while offering courses at affordable prices.

12. Railway Training Institute

RTI’s history dated back to the colonial period when railways were the most important infrastructure. The institution was thus founded to provide technical training to meet the high demand for the skilled workforce required to maintain the East Africa railways and harbors. While it majors on providing railway courses, over the years, it has expanded into various disciplines and now offers commercial courses in engineering, business management, and hospitality. RTA is recognized by the Northern Corridor Integrated Project Framework as an institution of excellence and is ranked 61 in Kenya.

11. Graffins College

Graffins College boasts of a rich history spanning for over 50 years in which it has been operational. The college which currently has two student campuses; CBD campus along Moi Avenue and Westlands Campus, offers courses in numerous fields such as hospitality and tourism, business management, accounting, programming, customer care food and beverage management among others and is certified by Microsoft, Adobe to provide training in their respective software. It is well equipped with fully stocked hotel facilities, several state-of-the-art computer labs, and communication facilities which enable students to develop job skills.

10. Nairobi Institute of Business Studies

NIBS was bound to be on this list one way or another. This college has over the years experienced tremendous growth almost akin to MKU’s progress. It is located along Thika Superhighway and is home to over 4000 active students pursuing Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma Programmes in Business Studies, Accountancy, Information Technology, Journalism and Mass Communication, Legal Studies, Secretarial Studies, and Community Development and Social Work. It is currently ranked 58 in Kenya.

9. Kenya Utalii College

Utalii College can be easily sported on the left side while driving to Nairobi along Thika Road. Its iconic administration and compound have been home for over 60,000 students since its founding in 1975 under the Hotels and Restaurants Act. KUC is distinguished for providing world-class training for both the local and international hospitality and tourism industry. It has produced top students in various competitions such as IATA and Young Chef Olympiad. It is among the 3 institutions in Kenya accredited by the International Association of Hotel Schools. KUC is ranked 57 by webometrics.

8. Tangaza University College

Tangaza College is a constituent college of Catholic University of Eastern Africa, founded in 1986 under the name Theological Centre of Religious. The college located in Langata not only offers diploma and certificate courses but also degree, masters, and Ph.D. programs in disciplines such as Art and Sciences, theology, and education. The college is currently waiting for the processing of a university charter which it applied for in 2013. Tangaza College ranks at number 56 in Kenya.

7. Kenya Institute of Special Education

KISE is a unique institution established in 1986 to provide training for teachers of special needs children. The college is based in Kasarani area from which it strives to facilitate service provision the persons with special needs. It offers short courses, certificates, and diplomas in special needs education covering autism, emotional & behavior difficulties, hearing Impairment, deafblind, intellectual disabilities, visual impairment, physical and learning disabilities. Being one of its kind, it is highly recognized as an institution of excellence in East and Central Africa, therefore, deserving a spot in the top colleges in Kenya.

6. East African School of Aviation

As its name suggests, EASA is a college that offers programs relevant to the Aviation industry. It is accredited by ICAO as a regional training center, Train-air PLUS full member, and aviation security training center. It is also approved by KCAA, IATA, and TVET. Some of its popular programs include aviation business management, aviation safety and security, air navigation services, and maintenance. Its main campus is located in Embakasi while its satellite campus is hosted at Wilson Airport with which it is affiliated. EASA stands at number 52 in Kenya.

5. Nairobi Aviation College

Nairobi Aviation College was established in 1999 as an aviation school but soon enough, it expanded into other disciplines to maximize its potential. It has experienced tremendous growth and has become highly recognizable especially after a news feature that claimed it offered certificates illegally. However, the institution defended its reputation and continues to attract many students from all over Africa. It offers programs in Aeronautical Engineering, Aircraft Operations, Hospitality, Clearing and Forwarding, Journalism, Media, and Arts, Nutrition, Health, Business Studies, Computer Studies, Electrical, and Electronics. The institution is located along Moi Avenue and has a satellite campus in Kisumu.

4. Kenya School of Government

KSG is a state-owned college located in Kabete that offers learning and development programs to build capacity for the Public Service. The institution was established after the merging of administration, learning, and government institutions in 2012. Besides offering programs in governance, KSG has expanded its scope into disciplines such as accounting, ICT, human resource management, environment management, and leadership. It is based in Lower Kabete area and is ranked 41 in the country.

3. Kenya Institute of Management

KIM was established in 1954 as an institute with a mission to promote excellence and integrity in the practice of management. The college is considered number 37 of the top institutions and one of the largest colleges in Kenya with campuses in close to 20 towns. KIM focuses on providing certificates and diplomas in management programs such as human resource management, office management, business management, etc. and other related disciplines including sales and marketing, purchase and supply, law management and tours and travel management. The main campus is located in Luther Plaza, close to Uhuru Highway roundabout, Nyerere Road, Nairobi.

2. Amani Counselling Centre and Training Institute

Amani Institute is another special college established in 1979 as a voluntary organization to provide counseling services for people with emotional and psychological problems. It has remained focused on its mission ever since and currently has the highest quality certificate and diploma courses in social work, community development, and counseling psychology. Amani’s main office is located at Mwalimu National Sacco Building, Tom Mboya Street opposite Ambassadeur Hotel but it has satellite campuses in Mombasa, Kisumu, Nyeri, and Ugunja. It is both NITA and TVET approved and was ranked 34 by Webometrics.

1. Kenya Medical Training College

KMTC is the best college and 31 of all universities and colleges in Kenya, according to Webometrics 2020 ranking. This doesn’t come as a surprise considering it is the biggest college in the country with over 70 established and well-equipped campuses in almost every county. It was established in 1927 under the Ministry of Medical Services and currently produces 12000 graduates annually who contribute to over 85 percent of the hospitals’ workforce. KMTC offers diploma and certificate programs in medical-related disciplines such as clinical medicine, surgery, dental technology, nursing, nutrition, occupational therapy, pharmacy, public health among others. The Nairobi campus is located off Ngong Road.

There you go, the top 25 colleges in Nairobi. Most of these colleges also rank well across the country since Nairobi is the educational headquarters. Also, here is a list of 40 other colleges in Nairobi that are worth mentioning in alphabetical order.

  1. Air Travel and Related Studies Centre
  2. Australian Studies Institute
  3. Bell Institute of Technology Nairobi
  4. Career Training Centre Nairobi
  5. College of Human Resource Management
  6. Cornerstone Training Institute Nairobi
  7. Dima College
  8. Eagle Air Aviation College
  9. East Africa School of Management
  10. Excel Global College 
  11. Hekima University College
  12. Highlands State College
  13. Intraglobal Training Institute
  14. Jodan College of Technology
  15. Keiway Mining & Technology College
  16. Kenya Aeronautical College
  17. Kenya Institute of Applied Sciences
  18. Kenya Institute of Business and Counselling Studies
  19. Kenya Institute of Development Studies
  20. Kenya School of Professional Counselling
  21. Kenya Water Institute
  22. Mahanaim Educational Institute College
  23. Marist International University College
  24. Marketing Society of Kenya
  25. Multimedia Academy Kenya (Nairobi Film School)
  26. Ninety Nines Flying School
  27. PC Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute
  28. Regina Pacis University College
  29. Regional Center of Management
  30. Regional Institute of Business Management
  31. Riccatti Business College of East Africa
  32. Royal College of Science and Technology
  33. Skylink Flying School
  34. Skynet Business College
  35. Skypath Aviation College
  36. Standards Aviation Flying School
  37. Star College of Management Studies
  38. Starnet College
  39. Summit Institute of Professionals
  40. Vision Institute of Professionals

Did I miss anyone out?

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