Helb clearance and compliance certificates

How you can get HELB Clearance and Compliance Certificates

One document you’ll probably have to produce when applying for a job in Kenya is a HELB certificate, even if you didn’t benefit from the student loans financing program.

Ideally, it’s deemed necessary for employers to know how much they can trust you with credit resources. HELB clearance or compliance certificates offer proof even to CRB agencies that you are trustworthy.

There are two types of HELB documents, which serve this single purpose. The HELB compliance certificate is awarded to HELB beneficiaries who are paying their loans. On the other hand, the HELB clearance certificate is given either to beneficiaries who have completed loan repayment or non-beneficiaries who require loan clearance.

Traditionally, you had to visit the Anniversary Towers in Nairobi in order to get either of these documents. Two years ago things changed for a bit when Huduma Centers got equipped to provide the documents. Currently, however, most Huduma Centres ask customers to visit the main offices.

So, how exactly can you get your HELB clearance or compliance certificate?


For Kenyans who obtained HELB loans during their time in college or university, the process is a little involving.

To get the HELB compliance certificate,

You need to first ensure that you are making regular repayments of your loan.

Hence, you cannot get a compliance certificate in case you have defaulted payment since graduation. Only HELB has the ability to provide you with this certificate so you need to consider finding a way to start repaying the loans despite how little your installments will be.

Even at this very moment with as little as Ksh 100, you can pay your HELB loan through M-Pesa as follows;

  • Go to M-Pesa
  • Select Lipa na M-Pesa
  • Choose Pay Bill
  • Enter HELB business number: 200800
  • Enter your national ID number as your account number
  • Enter amount: 100
  • Enter PIN number
  • Confirm the transaction and send

As simple as that and you are 100 shilling debt-free. You will receive a text message from HELB with a transaction code, confirming your payment. It is advisable to keep a record of this message in case issues arise in the future. This is Kenya.

helb defaulters message
HELB defaulters message

If you have been paying your loan as per HELB requirements, you can apply for your HELB compliance certificate online using the same procedure as a non-beneficiary applying for a certificate as indicated in the non-beneficiary section.

To get the HELB clearance certificate,

First, ensure you have completed loan repayment.

Visit any the main offices at Anniversary Towers, Nairobi, ask for an Enquiry form for HELB clearance which you are required to fill. Also, you can download the Enquiry Document PDF from the Publication section of the HELB website, print and fill it.

Once you are done, submit this form to officials together with the following

  • Copies of High school leaving and academic certificates
  • Copies of University/College transcripts and graduation certificates
  • Photocopies of National I.D (both sides)
  • Copy of Employer appointment letter
  • A bank deposit slip of Ksh 1000 payable to HELB Operations Account which you should ask for while picking the Enquiry form.

Normally, it takes about one day for the clearance certificate to be ready if all conditions are met.


For non-beneficiaries however, everything has been automated through using the internet. All you need is a computer or laptop and a good internet condition to start the process.

On 16th July 2020, HELB waivered the Sh 1,000 clearance certificate fee for non beneficiaries after discovering through engagements with stakeholders that the fee was punitive especially to the many unemployed youth who did not benefit from the student loans.

Henceforth, non beneficiaries will be able to download HELB clearance forms from the portal for free but they must create an account as follows.

1. Create your HELB Profile

  • Visit the HELB Portal
  • Click User Registration on the top Menu
  • Input your ID and your first name as directed
  • Click Validate

Once your ID number and Names have been validated, a new form will appear.

  • Fill in the details: Phone Number, Email and Password
  • Click Signup.
  • Log into your email and click the confirmation link sent by HELB.

Your account will be activated and you’ll be redirected to the HELB login page

2. Log in and update your details

  • Input your Email Address and Password.
  • Click Login

You will be presented with a long form where you input all your personal details. Sections marked with a red star are compulsory while the rest are optional.

  • Once you are done, Save

3. Apply for the Compliance Certificate

Once you save the completed form, you will be redirected to the HELB Dashboard.

  • Go to Online Services in the Top Menu
  • Select Compliance Certificate from the drop down list.
  • Follow the instructions provided to apply for your HELB Compliance certificate
  • Be patient and wait for your document to be sent either through Email or by downloading it from the portal.

That’s all.

Meanwhile, if you trust the traditional system, you can follow the process for beneficiaries outlined above but make sure you include a letter confirming that you did not benefit from HELB loans among the documents you will be submitting.

77 thoughts on “How you can get HELB Clearance and Compliance Certificates”

  1. Hey, I applied for waiver for my loan, and I paid exactly the mount after loan waiver.
    Naeza kuwa na deni. I haven’t yet collected the clearance certificate.

    1. Hey Jane, you have to visit HELB Offices to know if you have any other loan and get your clearance certificate.

  2. Hi, Am Tabitha. A HELB Non beneficiary. I have been able to download my HELB Compliance certificate. How about my HELB Clearance certificate? Please help. Where should I click on the site to pay the 1000 Shillings??? Or should I go to Anniversary to pay? I need this clearance urgently.

    1. Hello Tabitha, as a non-beneficiary, you don’t pay to get your clearance certificate. And i believe the compliance certificate is only for beneficiaries who are paying their loans (complying). So the document you have is probably the your clearance certificate.

    1. Hey Purity, visit the Anniversary Towers, request for a clearance form, fill it and submit it with the documents I have listed in the article.

  3. Hello….I have defaulted helb loan since I had no job…now that am applying for one the want a helb compliance certificate…how much should I pay so as to acquire one so as to apply for job

    1. Hey Zamzam, you need to contact HELB offices for information on the amount of money you need to pay to get your certificate since you have defaulted.

  4. Hello onsomu, I graduated in 2019
    Have been invited for job yet one of the requirements is helb compliance certificate yet I haven’t been re-paying the loan since am a beneficiary, how can I get it and if there is money to be paid how much is it kindly help

    1. Hey Mike, There’s usually a one year grace period from the day of graduation in which graduates are not required to start paying the loan. If you graduated after August 2019, you grace period has not yet elapsed. Hence you should be able to request for your compliance certificate, pay the Ksh 1000 required and have it. However, if you graduated before this period, then you might have accumulated some penalties depending on the number of months defaulted. If you request for your compliance certificate, you might have to pay the penalties first, then the Ksh 1000 before your certificate is provided. All in all you need to reach out the customer care office for advice on how to go by it. All the best

  5. I am a helb beneficiary and i graduated on December 2019. I haven’t been servicing my loan since I have no job. I recently got a job appointment and a helb clearance certificate is one of the documents my employer needs. I contacted helb for help and was told I can only be given a certificate of compliance after I pay some 1500 through mpesa. I paid the amount yesterday but i still cannot access the compliance certificate. How can i be assisted

    1. Hey Tony, i can imagine the predicament you are going through right now. Since you contacted them, you need to follow up with the method you used to reach them, if it was twitter, go and inform them through direct messages that you have paid for your compliance certificate and are in dire need for the document to be processed. You must be a little stubborn to get services from most of these companies. Use all avenues possible to get your query sorted. All the best

  6. i am not a HELB beneficiary 10 yrs down the line and l am asked to produce HELB certificate in 72 hrs , I have never filled HELB portal.should i fill the portal or i just share my ID/PP no and pay the amount.I did not do my studies in kenya

    1. Hey Kizito, just head over to HELB portal and create an account. Once you’re done immediately go to Online Services in the Top Menu and select Compliance Certificate from the dropdown list. Proceed with the rest of the steps i mentioned in order to have your compliance certificate prepared.

  7. Hi !My name is Lucy, I am kindly requesting if i can be assisted in applying for Helb clearance certificate but I don’t have any outstanding liability.

    1. Hello Lucy, Please follow the guide i have provided above to apply for a HELB clearance certificate. If you encounter any problem, please contact HELB offices through Twitter for quick response.

  8. Hi, I am a helb beneficiary and graduated in 2017. I haven’t been servicing my loan since I have no job. I recently got a job appointment and a helb clearance certificate is one of the documents my employer needs. I contacted helb for help and was told I can only be given a certificate of compliance after I pay some 6k through mpesa. If this is how it works then how long does it take to get the certificate of compliance? Will I get help? Kindly assist cz I really need this job so that I start paying the loan. Thankyou in advance.

    1. Hello Rachel. Ideally when you fail to service your HELB loan over time, you cannot be given a compliance certificate. However, since you have contacted the HELB offices and they have instructed you to pay that amount to get your certificate, then I guess that’s a good thing. Note however, that you need to pay using the official means I have listed in the article. Don’t send money to somebody’s number. My advice is that you have the money ready, then call the customer care service to reconfirm that you are required to pay that amount and inquire how long it will take to get your compliance certificate ready. Once you have everything ready, then you can proceed. All the best.

  9. Jonathan Orem

    This is unfair to non beneficiaries, why must you pay Ksh 1000 for clearance yet you didn’t use the said amount?

    1. I too do not understand why non-beneficiaries are required to pay for the certificate. HELB offices can answer that question best.

  10. Hi, i paid for compliance certificate through mpesa bt i did a mistake of going through the paybill procedure instead of waiting for the automated procedure.now helb is thanking me for settling my debt by 1000. How do i recover my 1000 shilling to
    pay for the certificate?

    1. Hey Evarline, I don’t think that money is refundable and if it is it would take a lot of time and effort to get it back because the money has already beed considered loan repayment and your loan has reduced courtesy of that. If you have a HELB loan just consider it a repayment and find another 1050 to pay for the compliance certificate.

  11. Elizabeth Ogony

    Hi, I logged ON to ecitizen yesterday to access HELB services. I paid 1050 shillings for a clearance certificate AT 10:04 AM but up to now I can’t see any certificate. I urgently need it for a job application. Mpesa reference # is QIKNEZO. Kindly advice on way forward

    1. Hey Ogony, sorry for the agony you going through right now. The best way to have your case resolved is simply through contacting HELB offices first through Twitter. I have used twitter before and got a response within a couple of hours so i think it should work for you too. Send them a screenshot of the MPesa message you got after paying for the helb certificate then request for issuance of your clearance certificate as soon as they respond. If Twitter doesn’t work, reach them through phone or email:
      Email: contactcentre@helb.co.ke
      Phone: 0711 052000
      All the best, and i hope you get the job.

      1. Joseph Mwangi

        Hey? I was a helb beneficiary,I completed In 2018.i have not been servicing my loan repayment since am jobless . Now that I have an application and one of the requirements is helb clearance certificate what can I do? please guide me

        1. Hey Joseph, If you graduated in 2018, that means your grace period probably ended by the end of 2019. Therefore, you have accumulated penalties for this year alone. So you need to first contact HELB customer care offices, use Twitter or call them. You will be instructed on the amount you need to pay which might include penalties and monthly payment for the year 2020. You can then pay the bill and request for a compliance certificate. Ensure you tell them you want a compliance certificate from the beginning so that they can guide you in respect to that.

  12. Okaya Abigael

    Halo..am a teacher by profession..completed my loan payment on Jan of 2018.. Never applied for it. I now need to get the certificate as my loan repayment says am still not yet done. Do I need to go to anniversary towers or I can go to huduma centre for the certificate? I need it urgently

  13. Hello there,
    Want to pay the remaining helb loan which is about 75000 ksh, how much am l suppose to pay and how can l do it,
    My id no ‪31182713‬
    Kindly reply urgently.
    Sent from my Huawei phone

    1. I like this article.
      Question is, as a non-beneficiary, how long is the validity of this cert? Will I need to keep renewing every now and then?

      1. Hi Juddy, I think for a non beneficiary the certificate is valid for ever. However, for a beneficiary who is still paying their loan, they might need to apply for a compliance certificate every once in a while.

      2. Leviticus Siakama Matere

        I cleared my helb loan. I have applied for a bank loan and one of the requirements is helb clearance certificate. Please how can I get it as fast as possible? Am in need of it. Tell me what to do. I went to Huduma centre Bungoma and produced the statement instead of the clearance certificate.

        1. Hey Leviticus, you need to apply for the clearance certificate online through the HELB portal as I have explained above.

  14. Hello I am a non beneficiary of the HELB loan and have been out of the country for many years. I no longer have my ID other than my passport.
    Any suggestion on how I can procure the clearance certificate

    1. Hello Edwin, your case is very unique. I think you’d be sorted if you renew your ID, by claiming it got lost. Once you have your ID, then you can head to the anniversary towers to get a HELB clearance certificate.But first of all, if you remember your ID, try creating an account with HELB Portal. If it goes through, then you are halfway through. If not, you need to contact HELB offices for help.

  15. Maureen Njoki Mburu

    Hi, as explained earlier am not able to “VALIDATE” the details at the User registration. Please note I have tried all the names in the ID. Please assist .

    1. Hello Maureen, that issue seems to be quite complex, maybe the system does not recognize your Identification data. I would advise that you reach out to HELB Customer Care, preferably through Twitter. they tend to respond sooner there. Also, send them a message on their email address at complaints@helb.co.ke.

  16. Hello, am a non-beneficiary, does my clearance certificate need stamping from the HELB office afteri download it?

    1. Hello Everline. I believe the clearance certificate should come with a stamp already. However, if it doesn’t, then it’s rather effective to visit the Anniversary and request for your stamped clearance certificate.

  17. Am not a beneficiary of the Helb loan when i try to get the clearance certificate iam not able to go further than;- ID NO—– FIRST NAME—– ( The feedback i get when i validate is “THE ID NUMBER COULD NOT BE FOUND” This is my id and my first name PLEASE ASSIST. NJOKI

    1. Hello Njoki, I guess you are experiencing that issue when trying to register an account with HELB so that you can acquire a clearance certificate. Well, normally, if you haven’t registered before or entered the wrong details, an account is created for you. In your case, how about you try either of your other two names to see if any of them works.

  18. I complimented university 1995 and have not collected my certificate. I cleared my loan through TSC deduction. Is it a must to visit university tower

    1. Hello Kanyi, as a beneficiary, you have to visit the Anniversary Towers to get your clearance certificate. HELB currently has no online solution to enable customers to download clearance certificates. If cant visit the HQs then you should attempt reaching them through the phone numbers and social media.

  19. Everlyne Waswa

    Hi,,,am not a beneficiary of Helb. Got a clearance certificate in 2018….should I apply again for clearance, am seeking for employment

    1. Hey Everlyne…i believe if you have the clearance certificate, then you’re good to go. That’s the only proof you need to show you cleared your HELB loan.

  20. Hey I’m planning to run for parliamentary seat 2022 but by then i shall have not graduated how will get my help clearance cert as its a requirement

    1. Haha..that’s a great question Job and your ambitions are wonderful. Well, I’m not sure how HELB will deal with your case because it’s very unique. The only way to know whether you can acquire a HELB clearance certificate while in university is by enquiring with HELB offices. First, reach them through twitter..If they don’t give you a satisfactory answer, visit their offices preferably their headquarters and Anniversary Towers, and request assistance. If they refuse, don’t give up on your dreams, you can even start with being a youth representative or MCA then in the following general elections you can go for a parliamentary seat.

  21. Hi, i have applied for a waiver which am planning to pay on 4th may, is there any document that I’ll receive throught email to foward to my employer to stop the monthly deductions?if yes, how long will it take to receive it? Kindly assist

    1. Hello Annet, that’s an advanced question, you need to enquire directly with the HELB customer care office. Send them a message on twitter they respond within a couple of hours on weekdays. However, im wondering why you want your employer to stop the deductions? it’s easier for the deductions to be made through the employer and you never have to worry. Also, i believe the waiver only applies to penalties you may have accrued in the past.

  22. Am a non beneficiary and I paid for HELB compliance certificate using Mpesa paybill 200800 now the money is not reflecting on my HELB account . And Iam unable to download my certificate since the site is still asking for payment. Is there a way to get assistance

    1. Hello Kerubo…you need to contact HELB offices to get assistance…and i think Twitter is a great place to start from coz they actually reply to messages. Send them a message about the transaction and provide them with the MPESA transaction code so that they can verify its existence. Give them a few hours to respond.

  23. Grace Gathinji

    As a non beneficiary do i need to pay any money to get HELB clearance certificate?

    1. Yes Grace, you need to pay the HELB clearance certificate non-refundable charge of 1000.

  24. How much should I pay once to get compliance certificate ,I defaulted paying for sometime.Thank you.

    1. Hello Josephine…I believe you need to pay the accrued penalties due to the defaulting plus the total amount of monthly payments you were supposed to make during all the months you defaulted in order for you to be given a compliance certificate

  25. How will l know the amount im supposed to pay because l have been paying for long and it is displaying the balance lm remaining to pay ?

    1. Hello, Dismas…there are two quick ways you can check your loan balance. First, you can log into the HELB portal and head over to HELB reports and select HELB statement. Now…to know the total amount of loan remaining… you need to add up all the current balances in the HELB statement. The other method which I think is much easier is to download the HELB app..log in…then select repayment then HELB loan balance and voila, your balance will be displayed

    1. Hello Anthony, I think I’ve explained the process of acquiring your clearance certificate above which involves having all your documents ready, heading over to the Anniversary Towers to get your clearance certificate. Currently, you cannot download the certificate online but there are efforts in place to make it easier for kenyans to get their clearance certificates.

  26. I ‘ve tried to get the clearance certificate but the automated mpesa payment option always times out before I get a text to pay. Kindly help I urgently need the certificate. I’m a non beneficiary.

    1. Hello Eleanor, there are various reasons that might cause that. First, due to the pandemic, there might be a chance that the technical team and other customer care agents in HELB are not working to resolve those issues at the moment. Also due to the network overload caused by many people at home using the internet to break the boredom. So I guess the only way to deal with this is probably, buy internet bundles that work best at your area, especially 4g internet. Then wait for a time when most people aren’t using the internet for instance at night when people are asleep or early in the morning so that you can try the transaction. If this doesn’t work, then you’ll need to contact HELB offices especially through twitter email or phone numbers, for them to look into your issue. I hope the first solution works for you.

  27. I once registered with helb but am not a beneficiary.. When I try to log in it asks for a code, unfortunately I registered with a different phone number which am not using it anymore . How will I proceed coz even if they resend the code I can’t get it coz I have a new phone number and I need the clearance certificate?

    1. Hey Judith, Your issue seems a little technical which might require you to contact HELB Customer care. However, have you tried resetting your password using your email address? is it possible to do so? If not, just try reaching then using their twitter handle: HELB Twitter first or sending them an email at: contactcentre[at]helb.co.ke.

      1. My current balance is 160k, which is the minimum threshold that am suppose to pay to get a compliance certificate

        1. Hey Joseph…you can get a compliance certificate even with that amount of loan, the only condition you need to meet is to pay the monthly HELB payments and any penalties that you have accrued since your grace period was over.

  28. sayah jessicah

    for non beneficiary why did i get a certificate that doesn’t have a serial number…i acquired it in October 31st 2019

    1. Hey Jessicah, Thanks for the question. A non-beneficiary is not given a serial number because they didn’t get a loan so no need for records and tracking. Serial numbers are only given to beneficiaries for those purposes.

        1. Hi, Derrick, good question. You need a Clearance certificate which shows that you have no outstanding debt with HELB. A compliance certificate, on the other hand, shows that you have debt but you are paying it gradually and diligently.

          1. Hello, my name is naomi. I had applied for the helb loan but I never benefited. I graduated in 2018, I am trying to apply for the helb clearance certificate but I am not directed to pay once I click the mpesa. Kindly assist

          2. Hi Naomi, I think the system experiences delays sometimes. You should retry it a couple of times, if it doesn’t work, you can either head over to eCitizen to pay for the compliance certificate or chat with HELB customer care through Twitter for further guidance.

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