The 10 Least Marketable Courses In Kenya

One of the most significant factors contributing to the high unemployment rate in Kenya is poor course selection by students joining university.

Many students make the mistake of selecting some of the least marketable courses in Kenya and end up unemployed after years of university education. If instead they chose highly demanded courses, their search for employment would be less hectic.

However, selecting the right course for you can be a challenge, considering there’s a lot of false information floating around. . To improve your chances of selecting the right course, you must do due diligence on every course you want to consider. 

For instance, you can base your research on course demand by finding courses that are flooded or  those that attract few applicants. 

In this article, I’ll take you through 10 of the least marketable courses in Kenya. . Where the competition is stiff, rather than wasting money, time, and resources, it is best to avoid some of the listed courses. 

1. Theology

Theology is the study of  God’s nature and religious beliefs. It is one of the most useless courses in the country. Why? Because most religious leaders in the country did not have to study theology to be pastors. 

Most religious leaders have not attended theology and bible classes but are executing their duties believing that it is a calling from God.

It is  one of the least marketable courses because anyone can start their religious institution as long as they can preach and convince congregants about a religious belief and prove that what they are teaching is true.

2. Record Management

Records management is the study of how to monitor and organize print or electronic records irrespective of the medium. 

Experts have managed business records for the longest time by filling in hard copy documents which has many disadvantages such as delay, inaccuracy, and being tiresome work. 

With advancements in technology across all business fields, manual record management is becoming absolute. Computer software automate record-keeping processes are replacing record officers. 

Today, most businesses use free and premium digital record keeping services to store documents hence making physical record management an obsolete discipline 

3. Forestry

Forestry involves the study and art of managing and preserving forest areas to benefit the people and the environment. Upon training you can identify different tree species by location, size, and plant type.

Job vacancies available in this industry are limited due to the few Kenya organizations that require forestry experts in this field.

Over the years, forested areas in Kenya have declined due to the occasional forest fires. Consequently, less experts are needed to manage the remaining forest cover which results to less market for forestry skills.

You’ll be gambling your school fees, resources, and time pursuing this particular program in university.

4. Political Science 

Political science is a branch of science that involves political studies. This program has existed for many years since ancient Greece.

It involves the study disciplines such as behaviors in politics, political activities, governance and power structures.

Few notable political science graduates have succeeded in the Kenyan political scene. Reason being that you need connections with high status individuals to actually be employed as a political scientist.

Taking this particular degree course in university can be a waste of time if you do not have anyone to hold your hand after graduating.

5. Environmental Science

Environmental science involves the study of the earth’s physical, chemical and biological processes.

Although its a great course to pursue, organizations in Kenya prefer to hire experts  for top-level positions. Hence environmental science grads require over five years of experience to qualify and most graduates don’t meet these requirement.

Wouldn’t it be better to pursue another course with less demanding requirements and readily available job opportunities. 

Or you’ll have to move to countries that recognize these programs and where employment opportunities are available for entry-level graduates.

Meanwhile students who pursue environmental science at diploma and certificate level are gambling with their future.

6. Masters of Business Administration.

Business Administration involves the study of how a company utilizes its personnel and resources to achieve set goals and objectives.

Many people choose to advance their knowledge to master’s and PhD levels to secure high-paying jobs and select Masters of business administration as their go to course. 

In my view, this course functions well as an academic decoration, rather than something you’d want to specialize in. It offers no technical skills that would help you stand out.

Also, with a master’s in this program, you would most likely end up teaching undergraduate finance courses which is just a repetition of what you learned. It sounds better when you’re putting that knowledge into action in a company.

7. Library Science 

Library science course equips you with the expertise of arranging, storing, and retrieving information (books or soft copy). This knowledge is well implemented in libraries.

I have included this course in this list because technology is replacing librarians.  Nowadays automation is the new norm.

Computers have replaced some library workers whose work is to organize and retrieve information since they can perform this task when needed.

It is a waste of time to spend four years and lots of money studying to arrange, store and retrieve information while you can acquire that skill working as a library assistant.

8. Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of humanity from a broader view. To learn how societies are formed, one can go ahead and pursue this course.

Learning about the behaviors and customs of humankind may not lead you to a career, especially a high-paying one. Very few Kenyan organizations  organizations offer employment opportunities for anthropology graduates which makes the course less preferable.

Choosing this course as your career gateway is very risky unless you identify opportunities outside the country.

It is a waste of time and resources if you get into anthropology knowing that few chances are available in the Kenyan job market. 

9. Physical Education

In the 8-4-4 education system in Kenya, physical education is among the most ignored curriculum. The physical education curriculum provides learners with physical skills to play games while in school. 

The government does not allocate any funds towards physical education, thus making it hard to even be possible without resources.

Graduates who pursued this course under the 8-4-4 system wasted their time because most schools did not offer those services, unlike the CBC system.

Also, prior experience in sport’s organizations is a requirement for employment. Most schools like to ask for past experiences before you’re hired.

10. Animal Husbandry 

Animal husbandry equips you with knowledge of animal relationships.

Animal husbandry is all about providing shelter, food, and safety to animals. Students after graduating, picture themselves working in offices wearing suits. This program involves dirty work, especially with animals like pigs. This makes it non-preferable 

There exist few organizations in the agricultural sector which results to fewer employment opportunities and stiff competition.

It is a waste of time and resources to those who undertake this course with no interest and are not ready to commit to doing the hard and dirty work.


They all have similar characteristics of few or no employment opportunities. Students ought to do proper and thorough research.

Choosing a career path does not only involve researching but also acknowledging your passion. With passion, you can achieve a lot in a career.

If you choose to pursue any of these courses, you can accompany them with short courses like CPA, pursue them in a recognized institution or further your studies to PhD and masters’ levels. 

Also, connection with friends may land you great opportunities. 

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