Top 7 Universities with the Most Beautiful Ladies in Kenya

I’m pretty sure every Kenyan guy has wondered which university has the most beautiful ladies in Kenya. Who wouldn’t want to sit next to an angel straight from heaven while attending lectures? Who wouldn’t want to brush shoulders with beauty masterpieces and have a shot with them?

When I secured a chance to study at JKUAT, my heart sunk. Institutions nicknamed Juja boys due to the limited number of beautiful ladies (beautiful ladies) would be my home for the next five years. Turns out it wasn’t as bad as people had portrayed. JKUAT, which previously had more men than women, experienced an increase in the percentage of ladies as more courses that appealed to them were introduced. Nowadays, it is no different from any other institution.

That aside, Kenya has some institutions with an unbelievable number of beautiful ladies. Hot mamas who would make your heart melt. Damsels, who you’d beg to chop your money. If you cannot control your emotions around such ladies, you’d better stay away from these unis.

As expected, coming up with this list was the hardest task for me. I mean, every university in Kenya has gorgeous people. The only logical way to rank them would be visiting all Kenyan universities during a ladies’ event and rating each of them before aggregating the results and comparing, an enormous task at the very least.

But I had a better idea; to use science.

Growing up, we all had groups. These groups were based on many things; sports, class performance, tribes, etc. But the most significant grouping was based on economic classes. We had the rich kids, middle kids, and the kids from tough backgrounds.

Did you ever notice that the rich kids were consistently more attractive than other groups? I sure did. I envied the rich kinds. They spoke fluent English, were always well dressed, relaxed, and seemed to have everything under control.

Well, science dictates that when a child is raised in a stress-free environment, they tend to develop into attractive beings. In contrast, a child raised in a stressful environment where they constantly face food insecurity and physical threats develops into a less attractive being.

Stress induces the production of Cortisol, the stress hormone designed to increase the probability of survival in stressful conditions. One way is by hardening of bones, especially around the face; hence someone looks visibly threatening. Find out more about the science of stress and attraction.

Using this concept, we can claim that the universities with the most attractive ladies have a large percentage of kids from well-off families who grew up in a stress-free or minimized environment and thus developed into attractive beings.

Thus, these universities ought to have high fees and a large population of self-sponsored students. Private universities dominate in this sector, and even though KUCCPS started placing students in these institutions, the ratio of self-sponsored students to government-sponsored students is still high.

In addition, we ought to consider universities that offer courses that ladies prefer. The more the ladies are present in an institution, the higher the probability of finding beautiful ladies.

With all that said, let’s dive in.

Universities with the most beautiful ladies in Kenya

1. United States International University

As expected, a university with roots from the land of dreams, the USA, would attract kids that have lived the silver spoon life. USIU is an institution where parents who never have to worry about basic needs take their children. The university has been designed to American standards and offers courses that lead to careers characterized by affluence, such as Finance, International Business Management, Psychology, Journalism, and Film Production. Ladies gravitate towards these courses as they project female empowerment. So, if you look forward to being intimidated by beauty and brains, USIU is the place to be. For instance, Brenda WairimuFoi Wambui, and Edith Kimani all passed through USIU.

2. University of Nairobi

UoN is the largest and most prestigious university in Kenya. Due to its status and the large variety of courses it offers, it attracts many kids from different backgrounds. But most notably, kids from well-off families who want to study in Kenya prefer UoN. It’s no surprise you’ll find the most charming ladies in the institution. Health Sciences and Humanities and Social Sciences account for a large percentage of ladies who are drop-dead gorgeous. The institution’s proximity to Nairobi CBD also makes it easy to live party lifestyles, something many youths want. Pierra MakenaSerah TeshnaMaxine Wabasha, and Corazon Kwamboka are just a few of the many damsels from UoN

3. Strathmore University

Tucked in the magnificent City of Nairobi is Strathmore University, home to some of the prettiest angels that Kenya has to offer. Considered the best private university in Kenya, Strathmore has built a reputation for decades that makes it attractive to wealthy folks. The expensive fees the institution charges do not scare affluent parents with bright and beautiful daughters from admitting them to what might as well be the Harvard of Kenya. Walking along its campus streets, you’ll get exhausted from seeing cute angles besides getting intimidated and spoilt of choice.

4. Mount Kenya University

MKU has grown tremendously over the past two decades to become the biggest private university in the country. In the process, it has added a range of courses attractive to ladies, consequently increasing the ratio of females to males. While MKU stands as an affordable private university option for Kenyans, attracting ladies from all classes, it is still more expensive for Self Sponsored Students than public institutions. Hence, ladies from middle and upper-income classes are most likely to enroll there. You can prove this by taking a walk in the campus streets where you’ll see lots of charming lasses going on with their businesses. Also, its location in Thika town largely incentivizes party lifestyle as Thika is known for.

5. Kenyatta University

KU is the second-largest university in Kenya. Located along Thika Super Highway, this institution is home to a collection of ladies from every background you can think of. The wide selection of none technical courses the university offers is cause for this. It enrolls thousands of students every year due to its large capacity, although this impacts the quality of personalized education. Ladies are more than men, and courtesy of the shallow academic schedules, students have lots of free time to party. In KU, you’ll not walk more than 10 meters without seeing a gorgeous lady. They are plenty, and most are ready to have fun. Vera Sidika is a KU alumnus.

6. Daystar University

Located along Mombasa road is a private institution that has built a reputation for producing many notable media personalities and celebrities, including Larry Madowo, Eric Omondi, and Daniel Ndambuki. Daystar is the preferred institution for Kenyans with great ambitions despite their backgrounds. Besides that, it offers many courses that ladies prefer, such as Nursing, Law, and Human and Social Sciences. Its fee structure is a bit out of reach for most people; hence it’s likely that it attracts daughters of affluent families. The campus is splash with gorgeous damsels, and every so often, your jaw will drop and neck break in the presence of magnificent beauty passing by. Two notable alumni include Betty Kyalo and Anne Kiguta.

7. Kabarak University

Kabarak is a private Christian university located in Nakuru county. Due to its strict Christian policies, making it one of the most disciplined institutions in Kenya, it generally attracts students from reserved families. Such families want to provide their kids with a conducive environment to study without too much fuss. But they ought also to be ready to pay for the expensive fees the institution charges hence the large number of rich kids, especially ladies. If you casually walk the streets of the beautiful and serene campus, you’ll come across lots of nice-looking people seeming to enjoy their time.


These are not the only universities in Kenya with beautiful ladies. All institutions have a fair share of beauty. But if we’re looking at probabilities, the institutions I’ve covered are most likely to have the biggest ratio of the most attractive ladies in Kenya. Having attended JKUAT during the heydays of men dominance and visited UoN, KU, and MKU during that time, I can attest to the difference in general attractiveness of ladies in these institutions. I remember how many times I had to check out girls in KU; I couldn’t get enough of it. But I’m glad things are better nowadays at my old university.

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